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Treatment Plans for Routine and Refractory Canine Epilepsy

An effective epilepsy treatment plan for dogs should reduce seizure frequency, minimize adverse drug effects, and maximize quality of life.

Definitive Treatment of Limb Fractures With Splints or Casts

Veterinarians must preserve their knowledge and skills in the “art” of utilizing splints and casts for limb fracture treatment. Learn the keys to successful use of coaptation as a definitive fracture treatment.

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Identifying Signs of Animal Abuse

There are plentiful resources for identifying and diagnosing animal abuse and neglect in order to better your patient's life as soon as possible.

Telehealth: Navigating the New Normal

Don't fall behind in business by excluding telemedicine in your practice. There are many ways to implement it and customers, old and new, will be grateful.

Managing the Pain of Feline Degenerative Joint Disease

Managing pain in cats with DJD can be challenging; fortunately, several options exist.

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One World, One Medicine, One Health

Now, more than ever, One Health—the global initiative that links humans, animals, and the environment—places veterinary professionals in a crucial role.

Embrace Your Veterinary Community

Help your patients and clients outside of the clinic by supporting local, state, and national legislations pertaining to the veterinary industry.

Shop NAVC Is Open for Business!

Shop NAVC has been rebranded, and you can now find everything from apparel to clinical books and VMX proceedings.

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