Copper Hepatopathy in Dogs

CAH is caused by the pathologic accumulation of copper in the liver. The only way to accurately diagnose CAH is by histologic analysis of a liver biopsy sample paired with quantitative assessment of hepatic copper concentrations.

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Emergency Medicine/Critical Care

Hyperfibrinolysis in a Dog With Pyometra

While previous studies report that hyperfibrinolysis is uncommon in dogs with pyometra, this case may represent an uncommon example in a Newfoundland.


Safeguarding Controlled Substances in the Practice

Practice owners and managers should actively look for gaps in their controlled substance policies to identify risk.


Diagnosing and Treating Heartworm Infection in Dogs

Microfilaria testing can be used, along with antigen testing, to confirm a positive antigen test result or help detect a false-negative result.


Immune-Mediated Dermatoses in Cats

Treatment of plasma cell pododermatitis, proliferative and necrotizing otitis externa, and auricular chondritis can be challenging due to the rarity of these immune-mediated dermatoses.

Internal Medicine

Clinical Application of Renal Biomarkers

While new biomarkers may help in the detection of kidney disease, it is unlikely that a single biomarker will be able to provide a global picture of kidney function or injury in an individual animal.


Diagnosis and Treatment of Fractured Teeth

Understanding the clinical signs, along with the diagnosis and treatment process, of fractured teeth allows practitioners to prevent future emergencies and unnecessary pain for their patients.