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Managing Compulsive Disorders in Cats

Veterinary Medicine's Professional Imperative: Suicide Prevention

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Multimodal Pain Management for Canine Osteoarthritis

OA is common in dogs. Management involves multiple modalities and must be tailored to each patient and its owner.

Feline Injection Site Sarcomas: Risk Factors, Diagnosis, Staging, and Treatment Algorithm

Aggressive surgery and other treatments, recommended to be done by a skilled veterinary surgeon and oncologist, is the best hope for prolonging the life of a cat diagnosed with FISS.


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Managing Compulsive Disorders in Cats

Although compulsive disorder is a relatively rare diagnosis for cats, this behavior can lead to a significantly decreased quality of life for both cat and owner.

Selamectin Use in Companion Animals

New product options represent exciting new tools in the crusade against parasites in companion animals, from the domestic to the exotic.

Adrenal-Dependent Atypical Hyperadrenocorticism in a Labrador Retriever

This rare case of adrenal-dependent AHAC provides evidence that trilostane therapy may effectively manage associated clinical signs and improve quality of life if surgical intervention is not pursued.




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