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When Urine Trouble: A Clinical Approach to Proteinuria

In addition to promoting progression of kidney disease, persistent proteinuria has several extrarenal consequences, therefore incidental proteinuria on routine diagnostic workups and geriatric screens should not be ignored.

Conventional Versus Stereotactic Radiotherapy

This continuing education article describes how conventional and stereotactic radiotherapy are used for definitive or palliative treatment in veterinary oncology and the importance of patient selection for these treatment options.


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Evaluation and Management of the Hypernatremic Patient

Hypernatremia reflects the loss of water in excess of sodium or the addition of sodium in excess of water. A patient with hypernatremia therefore must be unable or unwilling to consume adequate amounts of water or unable to retain adequate water.

Deciduous Canine Tooth Removal in the Dog

To prevent patient discomfort and pathology of developing permanent teeth resulting from problems with deciduous canine teeth in the dog, diagnosis and extraction of the appropriate deciduous tooth/teeth should be performed as early as possible. 

Allergen Immunotherapy for Canine Atopic Dermatitis: An Update

Learn how allergen immunotherapy is used to treat environmental hypersensitivities by shifting the canine patient’s abnormal immune response toward a state of tolerance.




VMX: Working to Strengthen the Profession

The NAVC is always looking for ways to improve its offerings and learning opportunities at VMX. Take a look at what's in store for 2022.

VMX Returns in January 2022

VMX 2022 is returning to its customary timeslot in January! Register now for in-person, virtual, or all-access offerings.

NAVC Offerings for Veterinary Nurses/Technicians

Keep an eye on the NAVC website as more exciting programs and products are released with the goal of creating opportunities for these indispensable professionals.