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Definitive Treatment of Limb Fractures With Splints or Casts

Veterinarians must preserve their knowledge and skills in the “art” of utilizing splints and casts for limb fracture treatment. Learn the keys to successful use of coaptation as a definitive fracture treatment.

Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs

Most UTIs are successfully treated with commonly used drugs, dosages, and administration intervals, but proper understanding of the location of the UTI is crucial in successful treatment of these challenging infections, especially when they involve the kidneys and/or prostate.

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Balancing Act

In a largely female profession, veterinary medicine often sees a struggle between the work-life balance of working mothers. Personal and professional forces can help alleviate that struggle.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Veterinary Patients

Continuous glucose monitors for companion animals with diabetes have become more commonplace in veterinary medicine as the advancement and affordability have progressed past more traditional methods.

Maropitant Use in Cats

Maropitant can be an effective antiemetic in felines and is also useful as an adjunct to therapy for visceral pain.

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Shop NAVC Is Open for Business!

Shop NAVC has been rebranded, and you can now find everything from apparel to clinical books and VMX proceedings.

New Hope For Dogs With Cancer

Much ground is being covered in the way of oncology research in veterinary medicine, largely in immunotherapy. This article covers research being done by some of the top veterinary colleges in the country.

Foster Meaningful Connections as a Human-Animal Bond Certified Practice

Becoming a HAB-Certified Practice will enhance your relationship with not only your patients and clients, but also your team.

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