The Mental Health Impact of Online Veterinary Reviews

Anything besides a 5-star online review shouldn't send you into a tailspin. In actuality, your practice should be aiming for an overall 3.5- to 4.5-star rating.

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Peer-Reviewed Articles


Diagnosis and Treatment of Lyme Borreliosis in Dogs: A Case-Based Approach

Lyme borreliosis can present with symptoms ranging from polyarthritis to nephritis—or even asymptomatically with just a positive serology test.

Clinical Pathology

Cytology of Lymph Nodes

A good-quality smear and the ability to distinguish a diagnostic specimen from a nondiagnostic one are critical first steps in sample evaluation.


Simple, Practical, and Inexpensive Diagnostics: They Tell Us More Than We May Think

Despite the ever-expanding assortment of diagnostic tests becoming available, do not overlook simple, practical, and affordable diagnostic tests.


The Canine Skin and Ear Bacterial Microbiota

Dermatologic microbiome research is scarce, but the dermal microbiota nonetheless plays an important role in dermatitis diagnoses.


Dietary Requirements for Patients with Portosystemic Shunts

Diet can play an instrumental role for patients with portosystemic shunts, potentially providing a beneficial effect on their quality of life.


What’s New in the Management of Feline Chronic Kidney Disease

Several feline-specific products have recently been developed to address common causes of clinical compromise in feline CKD, such as hypertension, weight loss, dehydration, and ongoing tubular damage.