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There is a lot of pressure on veterinarians to practice high-quality medicine, provide what is best for patients, and keep treatments affordable and easy for clients to administer. Every day, veterinarians have to make decisions about what is best for their patient. This is core to the values of Dechra Veterinary Products, and that is why Dechra delivers a wide range of products, including a comprehensive anti-infective portfolio. For all products, Dechra offers industry-leading specialist expertise and training solutions, high-quality medicine that won’t break the bank, and a loyalty program that pays veterinarians back.


As the medical community becomes increasingly aware of the dangers of antimicrobial resistance in both humans and animals, Dechra knows it is critical to make every effort to ensure targeted and effective antimicrobial usage — only using these products when an infection has been documented and basing selection on the results of culture and sensitivity testing, and/or cytology testing.

In this engaging Vet2Vet video, Culture Wars: Perfecting Susceptibility Testing for Anti-infective Decision Making, Dr. Dawn Boothe, DVM, MS, PhD, DACVIM, DACVCP, discusses the role of culture and susceptibility in selecting and using anti-infectives judiciously and effectively.


Properly collected, performed, and interpreted culture and susceptibility data are increasingly important in the selection of and design of dosing regimens for antimicrobial drugs.

Read Dr. Boothe’s thought-provoking article, Making the Best Decision with Culture and Susceptibility Data


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