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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Assessing the Gender Pay Gap in Veterinary Medicine

A study that included surveys from more than 2700 veterinarians found a pay discrepancy between men and women, especially for early-career practitioners.

Pay inequality can be researched and discussed all day long, but real change comes from industry-wide commitment.

Creating a Path to Diversity in the Veterinary Profession

Evidence-based approaches to increasing diversity in veterinary medicine may be an uphill battle, but it is one worth implementing.

There are a multitude of research-based methods for attracting and retaining Black and POC veterinary students. It is the responsibility of those in the position to illicit change to do so.

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The Changing Face of Veterinary Medicine

The topic of diversity, or the lack thereof, in veterinary medicine has seen a recent resurgence. We can't let this momentum die down.

Diversity in the veterinary profession starts as low as marketing the available opportunities to high school students and as high as hiring diverse candidates to positions of power and decision-making.

Time’s Up? Not Yet

Female veterinarians are still lagging behind their male peers in terms of pay, and men still outnumber women in more senior roles, despite a female majority across the profession as a whole.

Embracing Diversity in Veterinary Medicine

An Interview with Dr. Evan M. Morse

Travelling from the St. Louis International Airport to the AVMA Convention last summer, my colleague Renee and I shared a cab with Dr. Evan Morse and his family. Conversation turned to our backgrounds and endeavors and I found myself listening closely as Dr. Morse described his life-long dedication to civil rights and his corollary devotion …