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trap-neuter-release for feral cats

Study: Sterilization Is Best for Controlling Feral Cats

“Sadly, many communities still opt to do nothing to control populations of community cats or use outdated, ineffective methods — such as sporadic trapping and removal,” says one of the study’s coauthors. “This research confirms high-intensity TNR is the most effective, humane way to stabilize a population of community cats and, over time, reduce them.”


Safe & Humane Handling of Small Mammal Patients

Valarie V. Tynes, DVM, Diplomate ACVB While many veterinarians and veterinary technicians are filled with trepidation when small mammal or exotic patients are presented for evaluation, handling these pets does not have to be difficult. Many veterinarians and veterinary technicians are filled with trepidation when small mammal or exotic patients are presented for evaluation. However, …


When Animal Abuse Darkens Your Door

An Interview With Melinda Merck, DVM Dr. Melinda Merck’s name has become internationally associated with veterinary forensics. Most notably, and recently, she played a critical role in the Michael Vick case, performing necropsies on the abused dogs. Her work allowed the prosecution to put together the details of the case, leading to the NFL quarterback’s …


The Veterinarian as Medical Examiner

Ernest Rogers, DVM, PhD, and Adam W. Stern, DVM, CMI (IV), CFC, Diplomate ACVP Investigation of cause, mechanism, and manner of death are determined by a medical examiner or forensic investigator through the necropsy examination. This article presents an overview of the medical examiner’s role and the steps involved in a veterinary medical necropsy, including …


The Veterinarian as Crime Scene Investigator

Ernest Rogers, DVM, PhD Welcome to the world of forensic medicine. Learn about the role a veterinarian fulfills when it comes to gathering evidence and evaluating a crime scene in cases related to crimes against animals. The popularity of television shows, such as CSI and Law & Order, have significantly increased interest in forensic science …


Are Practice Values Changing Over Time?

David McCormick, MS, and Dick Goebel, DVM, AIBA Practice owners frequently wonder about how much their practice is worth. When contemplating this, owners may consider whether, in the grand scheme of things, practice values have changed over the years? WHAT INFLUENCES PRACTICE VALUE The value of a veterinary practice is driven by the return received …

Welfare & Ethics in Veterinary Shelter Medicine

  Sherry Loveless, Animal Behavior and Conservation Program of Hunter College, City University of New York and the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies in Arlington, Virginia Animal behavior and welfare scientists, veterinarians, and researchers from disciplines, such as physiology, psychology, and ethics have made ardent strides in understanding and improving the lives of animals in … Protection Status