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Infectious Disease

Assisting the Surgeon: Practical Strategies for Preventing Nosocomial Infections

Noah Jones, RVT Postoperative patients are among those at highest risk for nosocomial infection. Strategies for disinfecting personnel, equipment, and the surgical suite are meticulously outlined. Nosocomial infections increase morbidity and mortality in patients as well as cost to clients. Antimicrobial resistance further complicates nosocomial infections by increasing morbidity, mortality, and cost. RISK FACTORS Postoperative …

Canine Leptospirosis: A Perspective on Recent Trends

Leptospirosis should be recognized as a significant infectious disease in dogs, with variable incidence that is dependent on unpredictable short- and long-term weather patterns and influenced by anthropogenic factors that may affect exposure of dogs to wildlife vectors.

Preventing Transmission of Infectious Disease Among Patients

  Holly Morss, CVT The diligence of the veterinary medical team regarding prevention of disease transmission is critical to the health of patients, clients, practice, and ourselves. What would your reaction be if you went to see your physician for a routine physical examination and you were seated in the waiting room next to a …