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What to Do With Lumps and Bumps

When a pet presents with a dermal or subcutaneous mass, the owner is often told, “Keep an eye on it.” But what does that mean? Keep an eye on it for how long? How much should a mass grow before it is investigated? As a cancer specialist, I hear all too often that a mass does not “look” or “feel” malignant.


Atkins CE. Heartworm disease: the science, the practice, the future. Today’s Veterinary Practice 2017;7(1):87-92. The author regrets that an error appeared in the dosage of ivermectin used in a microfilaria suppression test on page 90. The dosage should be 50 mcg/kg, not 50 mg/kg. Pucheu-Haston CM. The flea-infested pet: overview of current products. Today’s Veterinary …

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Deep Ear Flush: Step by Step

Sandra Koch, DVM, MS, DACVD College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota For more information on diagnosis and treatment of chronic otitis, see the May/June 2017 article “The Challenge of Chronic Otitis in Dogs—From Diagnosis to Treatment.” Deep ear flushing is very helpful not only as a diagnostic tool in assessing chronic otitis but also … Protection Status