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VMX 2022 is returning to its customary timeslot in January! Register now for in-person, virtual, or all-access offerings.

Caring for Clients at the End

Giving as much attention to the client as to the pet about to be euthanized can greatly affect the grieving process and outcome for everyone involved.

Clients remember the last moments they share with their pet. They remember how the veterinary team treated their pet and how we made them feel during those moments. 

NAVC Offerings for Veterinary Nurses/Technicians

The NAVC has multiple ways your veterinary nursing team can advance their skills, thereby benefiting you and the practice.

Keep an eye on the NAVC website as more exciting programs and products are released with the goal of creating opportunities for these indispensable professionals. 

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Who Cares?

"We lag behind the initiatives taking place in the human medical field, yet our personal crisis is more pressing as a profession."

Empathy is something the veterinary profession needs to place more emphasis on, in schooling and continuing education.

Supporting the Bond

The human-animal bond is a powerful thing, and it is our job to support that as much as possible while still fulfilling our oath to the patient.

Acknowledging client limitations and their reasonings will help build the VCPR and get the pet the care they need while keeping the HAB intact.

Upcoming Educational Opportunities

The NAVC offers a wide range of learning opportunities year-round.

No matter how you choose to continue your education, the NAVC offers a top-tier experience to ensure you are growing professionally and offering your patients the highest level of care. 

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Animal Sentience: An Inconvenient Truth?

The legal aspect of animal sentience could lead to more trouble than it's worth.

Veterinarians may accept sentience as a truth but that does not have to mean it is used against us. 

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Take a look at some of VMX 2021's top CE presentations—available live or OnDemand—and sign up today!

Take a look at some of VMX 2021’s top CE presentations—available live or OnDemand—and sign up today!

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The Class of 2021 Is Coming and We Aren’t Ready for It

Before we welcome a new generation of DVMs, we need to make sure our clinics will offer the right environment for success.

Before we welcome the Class of 2021 veterinary school graduates, we need to make sure our clinics will offer the right environment for success.