Practice Management

Integrated Solutions

Practice information management systems (PIMS) are designed so veterinary professionals spend less time on paperwork and more time treating patients.

Practice information management systems (PIMS) come in a variety of formats, offering various integrations, tools, and compatibility. Knowing which ones would benefit your practice best is the first step in setting your practice apart.

Telehealth: Navigating the New Normal

While telemedicine has been around for a while, it's recently rocketed into business and could be the future of veterinary medicine.

Don’t fall behind in business by excluding telemedicine in your practice. There are many ways to implement it and customers, old and new, will be grateful.

Measuring Patient Outcomes

Developing a patient outcome improvement program that focuses on both treatments within a hospital and results of care outside the hospital provides a more holistic view of the entirety of patient outcomes.

How to Support Professional Development Among Your Team

Positive workplace environments can help to improve employee retention, client satisfaction, and overall profitability. There are many ways that veterinary practices can support the professional development of all employees, whether they are credentialed or not.

editors letter

Enough Is Enough

Roughly 1 in 5 veterinarians surveyed by the AVMA reported that they had themselves been victims or knew colleagues who had been victims of cyberbullying. In this electronic age, it’s all too easy to be targeted by this type of attack, but it’s not as easy to know what to do to protect against, prevent, and fight back against a cyberbully. “Enough is enough,” writes Editor-in-Chief Simon Platt.


How to Retain Valued Employees

Veterinary support staff are essential for a successful client experience and exceptional patient care. These valued team members hold many roles including client service representatives, kennel staff, veterinary assistants, and certified veterinary technicians or veterinary nurses. Despite their critical role in practice success, many team members feel undercompensated, underappreciated, and overworked.

How to Prevent a Toxic Workplace

A healthy workplace contributes greatly to a veterinary professional’s personal wellbeing and productivity. Read more about how to prevent a toxic workplace.