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A Country Veterinarian’s Perspective: An Interview with Dr. Jan Pol

Mention the name “Dr. Pol” and most people immediately think of National Geographic Wild’s popular television reality show, The Incredible Dr. Pol. However, Dr. Pol’s story began long before his current television series. Born and raised in the Netherlands on his family dairy farm, he received his veterinary degree from Utrecht University and has been …

The Human Influence: Revolutionizing Veterinary Surgery

  An Interview with Dr. Jeffrey J. Runge Jeffrey J. Runge, DVM, Diplomate ACVS, has the unique honor of being our first The Back Page interviewee that has a feature article in the same issue (The Cutting Edge: Introducing Reduced Port Laparoscopic Surgery, page 14). As Dr. Runge and I discussed the article last fall, …

Making a Difference…One Assistance Dog at a Time

  An Interview With Dr. Anita Migday Kelly Soldavin How many of us feel absolutely warm inside when we see assistance dogs doing their jobs—helping their owners when their owners are unable to help themselves. When I see my own dog bouncing around the farm, I have a hard time imagining her taking on such …

Embracing Diversity in Veterinary Medicine

An Interview with Dr. Evan M. Morse

Travelling from the St. Louis International Airport to the AVMA Convention last summer, my colleague Renee and I shared a cab with Dr. Evan Morse and his family. Conversation turned to our backgrounds and endeavors and I found myself listening closely as Dr. Morse described his life-long dedication to civil rights and his corollary devotion …

In the Grasp of the Animal Kingdom

An Interview with Dr. Clarke Atkins In the 8 years I’ve been involved in veterinary publishing, Dr. Clarke Atkins is someone I’ve had the pleasure of working with on a number of articles; an author who I know is incredibly well respected for his dedication and depth of knowledge with regard to his field of … Protection Status