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Beyond the Clinic

The Future of Veterinary Continuing Education

Opportunities for digital learning expanded over the past 2 years, giving veterinarians improved selection between digital and in-person CE moving forward.

Veterinary continuing education has an exciting future as technology continues to advance, bringing the opportunity for more interactive virtual learning and new ideas for how to present engaging, in-person education.

Blockchain Technology and the Future of Veterinary Credentials

Blockchain technology gained notoriety for its use with cryptocurrency but offers several potential applications in veterinary medicine and education.

Blockchain technology could open the door for storing and sharing credentials, including competency-based skills, continuing education credits, and more.

Assessing the Gender Pay Gap in Veterinary Medicine

A study that included surveys from more than 2700 veterinarians found a pay discrepancy between men and women, especially for early-career practitioners.

Pay inequality can be researched and discussed all day long, but real change comes from industry-wide commitment.

At-Home DNA Tests: Crystal Ball With a Caveat

Veterinarians should open the conversation with clients about at-home DNA tests to make sure they interpret the results appropriately.

Whether clients are using at-home DNA tests to satiate pure curiosity about their pet’s breed or as a means to uncover health predispositions, veterinarians should be part of the process as a means of information.

How Technology Is Transforming Veterinary Education

From virtual reality to virtual dissection, technology in veterinary education is kicking into high gear.

While the technology being used in today’s veterinary classroom is flipping conventional pedagogy on its head, these experts say more mind-blowing advances may be just ahead.

Creating a Path to Diversity in the Veterinary Profession

Evidence-based approaches to increasing diversity in veterinary medicine may be an uphill battle, but it is one worth implementing.

There are a multitude of research-based methods for attracting and retaining Black and POC veterinary students. It is the responsibility of those in the position to illicit change to do so.

The State of Big Data and the Animal Internet of Things

Technology is ever-advancing and the animal IoT has massive potential for long-term pet and production animal health.

Technology is ever-advancing and the animal IoT has massive potential for long-term pet and production animal health.