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Finding Balance

Eating Healthy for Busy Professionals

Your day may go something like this. Grab a cup of coffee as you rush out the door to the clinic; if you have a minute, gobble down a bagel or donut. You arrive at the clinic, rushing from appointment to appointment with patients or to surgery. Lunch? What’s that? With a little bit of pre-planning, it is possible to have some grab-and-go items readily available to you on the days when life gets too busy.

Creating a Highly Effective Veterinary Team

Creating a highly effective team can change everything about how we practice veterinary medicine and experience fulfillment in our careers. effective team as maximizing profit and providing exceptional patient care. Establishing a place for open communication, practicing and promoting nonjudgment, and providing tools to cultivate wellbeing provide us with a framework to build a great team!

Mindfulness for Veterinarians

In the busyness that surrounds our veterinary practice and our personal lives, where we are constantly on the go and wrapped up in “doing,” mindfulness provides us with a space to consider alternative ways of responding to both internal and external stressors.

Stress Management

For most veterinary professionals, a day in the trenches may include: multiple heartbreaking euthanasia procedures, an owner who won’t consent to treatment, completing endless SOAPs, long hours with no breaks, losing a patient under anesthesia and having to call the owner, disagreements with coworkers, physical and emotional exhaustion, no work-life balance and financial burdens. The fact is that what we do each day results in some incredible highs and, at times, some crazy lows. The stress our career can sometimes bring upon our daily lives can feel crushing.


Finding Time for Self-Care

Veterinarians who are trying to achieve that elusive work-life balance need to find time for self-care. Self-care is critical to overall happiness and fulfillment in both life and career.