NAVC Perspectives

NAVC Perspectives: In Memoriam
Neill P. Overman Leading Catalyst for the NAVC

Mr. Overman was the NAVC’s Emeritus Past Director of Exhibits, founder of Veterinary Learning Systems, and a leader for the Eastern States Veterinary Association, Inc, parent company of the NAVC.   The North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) remembers the profound contributions of one of its leaders, Neill P. Overman, who passed away on April 4, …

NAVC Perspectives:
The Power of Stepping Up & Reaching Out

Melinda D. Merck, DVM Veterinary Forensics Consulting, LLC, Atlanta, Georgia It is all over the news and social media—people making a difference. Through small and large actions and endeavors, positive changes and effects occur. The veterinary community—by the definition of what we do—makes a difference in the lives of animals and humans alike on a …

NAVC Perspectives
Who Do You Want To Be?

In celebration of the NAVC’s new We LEAD empowerment program for women professionals (NAVC.com/WeLEAD) that will be introduced at the 2015 NAVC Conference, I want to kick start the conversation with some provocative questions: What kind of boss, partner, colleague, parent, and/or friend are you known for being? If your pets could talk, how would they describe you? …

Perspectives: The Rx Headache

Lynne White-Shim, MS, DVM, and Kimberly May, DVM, MS Drs. White-Shim and May share how to handle any questions related to prescriptions and online pharmacies. It has been a long, busy day at the clinic. With one patient in particular, you dedicated extensive time and effort to determine a diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan. After …

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