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The NAVC has multiple ways your veterinary nursing team can advance their skills, thereby benefiting you and the practice.

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Who Cares?

"We lag behind the initiatives taking place in the human medical field, yet our personal crisis is more pressing as a profession."

Empathy is something the veterinary profession needs to place more emphasis on, in schooling and continuing education.

Supporting the Bond

The human-animal bond is a powerful thing, and it is our job to support that as much as possible while still fulfilling our oath to the patient.

Acknowledging client limitations and their reasonings will help build the VCPR and get the pet the care they need while keeping the HAB intact.

Antibiotic Stewardship in Canine and Feline Respiratory Infections

Many cases of uncomplicated, acute upper respiratory tract infection in cats and dogs can be managed without systemic antibiotics.

With respiratory disease being one of the most common reasons for antibiotic prescriptions, care should be taken to evaluate need based on clinical presentation.

What You Should Know About Compounding

Compounded medications can be useful when FDA-approved medications are not available, but they should not be selected on the basis of cost alone.

Before prescribing a compounded medication, do your due diligence in verifying the source, type, quality, and reason for prescription.

Nutritional Management of a Puppy With Congenital Renal Dysplasia

A large-breed puppy with renal dysplasia required a custom nutrition plan to satisfy its needs for kidney health while it was still growing.

A large-breed puppy with renal dysplasia required a custom nutrition plan to satisfy its needs for kidney health while it was still growing.

Data-driven Pet Solutions: Addressing the Pet Obesity Epidemic

Banfield Pet Hospital's latest report shows pet obesity became a weightier issue over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the American Pet Products Association (APPA) estimating more than 11 million households welcomed a new pet last year, the veterinary profession faced complex challenges in 2020: adjusting to new pandemic processes and guidelines while simultaneously meeting the surging demand for pet care services. With families spending more quality time at home with their cats …

Treating Otitis Externa in Dogs

Ear cytology is a quick way to confirm infection and the degree of inflammation for patients with suspected otitis externa.

Half the battle of treating otitis externa is figuring out the underlying cause and type. Once that is achieved, client education and compliance are key to managing it.

Vaccination Overview: Leptospirosis

Dogs that may come in contact with wildlife or outdoor water sources are among the group that should receive a leptospirosis vaccine.

This overview on the leptospirosis vaccine goes over the basics, as well as serovars, serogroups, and sequence types.