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The State of Heartworm Incidence in the U.S.

The 2019 AHS Heartworm Incidence Survey shows that heartworms maintain a stubborn hold in the United States.

The triennial Heartworm Incidence Survey from the American Heartworm Society shares a mix of both bad and good news.

Performing a Diet Trial to Identify Food Allergies in Dogs and Cats

A complete diagnostic elimination–challenge diet trial isolates the cause of adverse food reactions through 4 phases.

Confirmation of an adverse food reaction depends on reduction or resolution of clinical signs while the animal is being fed a strict elimination diet, recurrence of clinical signs when the animal’s diet is challenged, and resolution of signs after the elimination diet has been reinstated.

Work and Play at VMX 2021

VMX's additional electives are a popular choice every year. You can rest assured extra safety precautions will ensure these are still on the schedule in 2021.

VMX’s popular electives — Hands-on Workshops, Coffee with an Expert (formerly Rounds), and Meet the Professor Luncheons — are still being offered in 2021, with an emphasis on safety precautions.

Integrated Solutions

Practice information management systems (PIMS) are designed so veterinary professionals spend less time on paperwork and more time treating patients.

Practice information management systems (PIMS) come in a variety of formats, offering various integrations, tools, and compatibility. Knowing which ones would benefit your practice best is the first step in setting your practice apart.

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The Changing Face of Veterinary Medicine

The topic of diversity, or the lack thereof, in veterinary medicine has seen a recent resurgence. We can't let this momentum die down.

Diversity in the veterinary profession starts as low as marketing the available opportunities to high school students and as high as hiring diverse candidates to positions of power and decision-making.

Targeted Therapy

Tigilanol tiglate could be the mast cell tumor treatment we've been waiting for.

Tigilanol tiglate—which is being marketed as Stelfonta—is derived from the fruit of the tropical blushwood tree, which is endemic to Australia.

VMX 2021: Forward

Yes, VMX is still on! Sign up today with in-person and virtual options.

You don’t have to miss out on VMX 2021. We’re offering 3 virtual pathways to “attend,” as well as the traditional in-person option.

Meeting Clients Where They Are

New modes of care from Banfield that cater to a changing clientele include mobile wellness clinics, apps, and language interpreters.

No two clients or pets are the same, which is why veterinary practices should explore alternative ways to serve pets and owners to determine what works best for them and the hospital team.

The Diabetic Cat with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Managing IBD in diabetic cats can be challenging, but certain diets and therapy can improve patient wellbeing.

Comorbid conditions can complicate the management of cats with DM, and those with concurrent GI dysfunction such as IBD present some unique challenges.