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Practice Building
Caring for Geriatric Pets in Your Practice

Mary Gardner, DVM, and Dani McVety, DVM Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice, The evolution of medicine, technology, and the pet–parent relationship has created an abundance of geriatric pets. As a profession, veterinarians have many opportunities to give our aging companions and their caregivers the additional services and support needed as they navigate the unstable …

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Are Exotics a Fit for Me?
Part 1: Development of the Exotics Practice

The quality of exotic pet medicine has increased dramatically over the last decade, which is illustrated by the appearance of board-certified specialists for exotic animals and increasing numbers of high quality articles in the peer-reviewed veterinary literature. However, the decision whether to incorporate exotic pets into a practice should be made carefully

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Bridging the Gap Between Terminal Illness & Euthanasia

Mary Gardner, DVM, and Dani McVety, DVM With the increasing number of positive experiences families have with human hospice, they are open to similar care for their aging and/or terminally ill companion animals. The veterinary team may not be able to cure such a pet, but they can help the owne r maintain the animal’s …

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Handling Euthanasia In Your Practice

Mary Gardner, DVM, and Dani McVety, DVM Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice, We are not taught to be good at carrying out death: No one taught us how to walk into an examination room for a euthanasia appointment, what to say to a crying teenager, or whether to hug the elderly man who just …

Practice Building: The Practitioner’s Guide to Industry Trends

Travis Meredith, DVM, MBA, Diplomate ACT Calico Group, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania The Building Today’s Veterinary Practice Series is dedicated to providing readers insight into issues and resources that support long-term practice growth. This installment provides a brief overview of recent business trends that affect the veterinary industry as a whole as well as individual veterinary clinicians … Protection Status