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Evaluation and Management of the Hypernatremic Patient

Acute salt toxicity resulting from the ingestion of large amounts of sodium chloride is a potential cause of hypernatremia.

Hypernatremia reflects the loss of water in excess of sodium or the addition of sodium in excess of water. A patient with hypernatremia therefore must be unable or unwilling to consume adequate amounts of water or unable to retain adequate water.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Eyelid Tumors

Eyelid tumors are common in dogs but are often benign. On the other hand, eyelid tumors are more rare in cats but are often malignant.

Eyelid tumors can dramatically differ in behavior and treatment strategies between dogs and cats. For all eyelid tumors, early intervention and histopathologic examination are advisable. 

The Future of Veterinary Continuing Education

Opportunities for digital learning expanded over the past 2 years, giving veterinarians improved selection between digital and in-person CE moving forward.

Veterinary continuing education has an exciting future as technology continues to advance, bringing the opportunity for more interactive virtual learning and new ideas for how to present engaging, in-person education.