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Veterinary Jobs Are Expected to Grow 19% by 2026

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says veterinary occupations are expected to add 51,700 new jobs and grow at a rate of 19% over the 2016–26 decade, almost 3 times faster than the 7% average projected for all occupations.

Stay Up to Date with CAPC Parasite Maps

Up-to-date maps from the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) can help the veterinary care team in its client education efforts on heartworm — are you using them?

Women in Veterinary Medicine History

The History of Women in Veterinary Medicine in the U.S.

Challenges, opposition and obstacles had to be overcome by the early female pioneers in veterinary medicine in the United States. Here is a timeline of just a few of the significant milestones achieved by women who have helped pave the way for today’s female veterinarians succeeding in the profession.