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Clinical Insights

Supporting the Bond

The human-animal bond is a powerful thing, and it is our job to support that as much as possible while still fulfilling our oath to the patient.

Acknowledging client limitations and their reasonings will help build the VCPR and get the pet the care they need while keeping the HAB intact.

Antibiotic Stewardship in Canine and Feline Respiratory Infections

Many cases of uncomplicated, acute upper respiratory tract infection in cats and dogs can be managed without systemic antibiotics.

With respiratory disease being one of the most common reasons for antibiotic prescriptions, care should be taken to evaluate need based on clinical presentation.

What You Should Know About Compounding

Compounded medications can be useful when FDA-approved medications are not available, but they should not be selected on the basis of cost alone.

Before prescribing a compounded medication, do your due diligence in verifying the source, type, quality, and reason for prescription.

Nutritional Management of a Puppy With Congenital Renal Dysplasia

A large-breed puppy with renal dysplasia required a custom nutrition plan to satisfy its needs for kidney health while it was still growing.

A large-breed puppy with renal dysplasia required a custom nutrition plan to satisfy its needs for kidney health while it was still growing.

Phenylpropanolamine for Urinary Incontinence

Proin, which has been shown to improve continence in dogs with USMI, is approved as a chewable tablet in the U.S.

Phenylpropanolamine is effective at improving continence in dogs with USMI, although routine blood pressure monitoring should be performed and special consideration should be taken for animals with behavioral concerns.

Dietary Elimination Trial in a Dog with Protein-Losing Nephropathy

It is important to assess a diet’s complete nutritional profile, rather than relying on the general marketing, when evaluating if it is appropriate for patients.

This case report covers the dilemma of providing optimal nutrition to a dog with concurrent renal disease and suspected food allergy.

Anti-Vaxxers: Understanding and Addressing Client Concerns

Alleviate client concerns over vaccinations with respect, education, and understanding.

By building trust and respect with clients who arrive at their appointment with vaccine hesitancy, we can improve the overall perception of vaccines among our clientele. 

Understanding Advocacy

There's no greater way to advocate for your profession than directly effecting change by getting involved and actively participating.

Success begins with the individuals. Join local groups, state VMAs, and national organizations to best advocate for the future of the profession you love.

Managing Urolithiasis in Dogs

Urolithiasis is a term that describes the formation of stones in any part of the urinary tract.

This article gives an overview of stone formation, clinical signs, diagnostic tests, types of stones, as well as medical and nonmedical dissolution plans.