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We Are Real-Life Superheroes

Veterinarians perform miracles every day. Sometimes we also make mistakes too. Here's a secret though ... superheroes are human too.

This column written by the NAVC’s Chief Veterinary Officer shares the secrets that really should be considered well-known truths and that can help change our thinking and our profession for the better.

The Future of Veterinary Continuing Education

Opportunities for digital learning expanded over the past 2 years, giving veterinarians improved selection between digital and in-person CE moving forward.

Veterinary continuing education has an exciting future as technology continues to advance, bringing the opportunity for more interactive virtual learning and new ideas for how to present engaging, in-person education.

VMX: Working to Strengthen the Profession

The NAVC is always looking for ways to improve its offerings and learning opportunities at VMX. Take a look at what's in store for 2022.

The NAVC is always looking for ways to improve its offerings and learning opportunities at VMX. Take a look at what’s in store for 2022.

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It’s Time for a Change

"The time is now to dramatically change what we will accept for our workplaces and teams. Otherwise, we are promoting the disengagement that is the precursor to discontent."

With mass discontent and exits from the veterinary profession on the rise, what does it take to keep employees engaged and happy or to recruit new members?

Blockchain Technology and the Future of Veterinary Credentials

Blockchain technology gained notoriety for its use with cryptocurrency but offers several potential applications in veterinary medicine and education.

Blockchain technology could open the door for storing and sharing credentials, including competency-based skills, continuing education credits, and more.

VMX Returns in January 2022

Attend In Person or Virtually From Anywhere in the World

VMX 2022 is returning to its customary timeslot in January! Register now for in-person, virtual, or all-access offerings.

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Focusing on the 3 Rs: Recruit, Retain, and Return

"We’ve spent a lot of time talking about our workforce crisis in its many forms, so it’s time for our jobs to take on a new form for the 3 Rs to be a realistic prospect."

Many would say the veterinary profession is not in a great place. Recruiting new potential personnel, retaining the existing workforce, and returning those who have left the profession with better work-life incentives is crucial.

Assessing the Gender Pay Gap in Veterinary Medicine

A study that included surveys from more than 2700 veterinarians found a pay discrepancy between men and women, especially for early-career practitioners.

Pay inequality can be researched and discussed all day long, but real change comes from industry-wide commitment.

NAVC Offerings for Veterinary Nurses/Technicians

The NAVC has multiple ways your veterinary nursing team can advance their skills, thereby benefiting you and the practice.

Keep an eye on the NAVC website as more exciting programs and products are released with the goal of creating opportunities for these indispensable professionals.