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The editorial calendar below is subject to change.

Upcoming Editorial Calendar


Heartworm/Parasitology: Cuterebriasis in Dogs and Cats
Nutrition Notes: Proactive Nutrition for the Healthy Feline
Vaccination Station: Adenovirus, type 2

CE: Exploring Multimodal Options to Companion Animal Analgesia
Issues in Dermatology: Diagnosis and Treatment of Dermatophytosis in Dogs and Cats
Pain Management: Degenerative Valve Disease: An Update On The Classification, Diagnosis, And Treatment Of Mitral Regurgitation

Clinical Insights
Case Report: Atypical Cushings
Focus On: Selamectin
Management Strategies: Managing Feline CD
Finding Balance: End of Life Care


Heartworm/Parasitology: Diagnosing Aelurostrongylosis in Cats
Nutrition Notes: Selecting the Diet for a Weight-Loss Plan
Vaccination Station: FeLV

CE: Stereotactic Radiation Therapy for the Cancer Patient
Issues in Dermatology: Pemphigus Foliaceus Diagnosis and Treatment in Dogs and Cats
Feature: Evaluation Following Orthopedic Surgery

Clinical Insights
Case Report: A Case of Primary Polycythemia in a Dog
Focus On: Trilostane for Dogs with HAC
Management Strategies: Bleeding in Critical Care Patients
Finding Balance: How Behavior Issues impact the Human-Animal Bond

January/February 2022

Parasitology: Canine Tapeworm
Nutrition: Nutrition and Feline Constipation
Focus On Pharmacology: Imepitoin (Pexion) for Canine Anxiety

CE: The Clinical Approach to Proteinuria
Feature: Eyelid Tumors: Diagnostic and Treatment Options
Case Report: Canine Sporotrichosis: Diagnosis and Treatment

Clinical Insights
Issues in Dentistry: Deciduous Canine Tooth Removal in the Dog
Issues in Dermatology: Updates on Allergen Immunotherapy in Canine Atopic Dermatitis
Issues in Electrolyte Disorders: Hypernatremia

March/April 2022

Parasitology: Trematode Infections in Dogs
Nutrition: Nutritional Management of Hyperlipidemia
Focus On Pharmacology: New Treatment Options in Veterinary Oncology

CE: Hip Dysplasia: Navigating Surgical Options and Timing
Feature: Tracheal Collapse in Dogs: Diagnosis and Management
Case Report: Multimodal Management of Refractory CHF in a Dog

Clinical Insights
Issues in Dentistry: Cone Beam Computed Tomography in Veterinary Dentistry
Issues in Dermatology: The Overgrooming Feline: Management Techniques for Atopy
Issues in Electrolyte Disorders: Hyponatremia

May/June 2022:

Parasitology: Parasite Prevention in Shelter Medicine
Nutrition: CBD Supplements
Focus On Pharmacology: Responsible Use of Gastroprotectant in Companion Animals

CE: Anesthetic & Analgesic Considerations for Brachycephalic Breeds
Feature: Compulsive Behavior Feature TBD
Case Report: Disseminated Nocardia in a Six-month-old Female Intact Rottweiler

Clinical Insights
Issues in Dentistry: Interpreting Normal Intraoral Radiograph Anatomy (Part 1)
Issues in Dermatology: Diagnosing Common Dermatological Conditions in Community Practice
Issues in Electrolyte Disorders: Hyperkalemia

July/August 2022

Parasitology: Drug Resistance in Hookworms
Nutrition: A Therapeutic Approach to Chronic Enteropathy in Dogs and Cats
Focus On Pharmacology: Moxidectin (Zoetis ProHeart)

CE: The Aging Canine Eye: What to Look for and How to Intervene
Feature: Clinical Utility of Urine Dry Mount Examination
Case Report: Pit Viper Antivenom Case

Clinical Insights
Issues in Dentistry: Interpreting Intraoral Radiographs in Dogs/Cats (Part 2)
Issues in Dermatology: Treating Common Dermatological Conditions in Community Practice
Issues in Electrolyte Disorders: Hypokalemia

September/October 2022

Parasitology: Feline Coccidia
Nutrition: Addressing Diet-Associated DCM with Clients
Focus On Pharmacology: Topical Diclofenac Sodium Solution (Voltaren gel)

CE: The Role of NSAIDs and Steroids in Cancer Treatment for Dogs and Cats
Feature: Managing Acute Toxic Ingestions
Case Report: TBD

Clinical Insights
Issues in Dentistry: Diagnosis and Treatment of Fractured Teeth
Issues in Dermatology: Clinically-Relevant Drug Interactions in Veterinary Dermatology
Issues in Electrolyte Disorders: Hyperchloremia

November/December 2022

Parasitology: Parasite Prevention for Outdoor Cats
Nutrition: Nutritional Intervention for Feline Stress
Focus On Pharmacology: Prescribing, Reporting, Recordkeeping, and Safeguarding Controlled Substances

CE: Interpretation of MSK Imaging
Feature: Update on Orchiectomy
Case Report: TBD

Clinical Insights
Issues in Dentistry: Oral Surgery to Remove Teeth in Cats
Issues in Dermatology: Immune-mediated Skin Diseases in Cats
Issues in Electrolyte Disorders: Hypochloremia

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