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Allyson Archambault

Paige Ellington

2018 Editorial Calendar

Editorial calendar is subject to change.

​​​January/February 2018

Inside NAVC: What Not to Miss at VMX 2018
Practical Parasitology: Heartworm Infection in Ferrets
Nutrition Notes: Diarrhea, Vomiting and Food, Oh My!

CE: Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Dogs
CE: Canine Atopic Dermatitis: Updates on Diagnosis and Treatment
Internal Medicine: Fluid Therapy for Hospitalized Patients Part 1

Clinical Insights
Imaging Essentials: Ultrasound GI Part 1
Focus On Infectious Disease: Consider This Case- Leptospirosis

Finding Balance
Time Management

March/April 2018

News: There’s Still Time to Register for Courses at Institute 2018!
AHS Heartworm Hotline: Hitting the Road Heartworm-Free
Nutrition Notes: Dealing with Dysrexia
From the Field: How Swiss Cheese is Helping Banfield Help Pets

CE: Renal Disease: Finding the Balance in Your Patients with Cardiovascular and Kidney Disease
Acute Glaucoma: A True Emergency
Internal Medicine: Fluid Therapy for Hospitalized Patients: Part 2

Clinical Insights
Imaging Essentials: Ultrasound GI Part 2
Focus On Exotics: Ferret Distemper
Management Strategies: Exotics – Avian Aspergillosis

Finding Balance
Stress Management

May/June 2018

News: VNI – A Veterinarian’s Perspective
Inside NAVC: The NAVC Learning Academy: Looking Ahead
Parasitology: Beyond Borders: The Truth About Ticks
Nutrition Notes: See Ya Later, Alligator: Unique By-products for a Hypoallergenic Diet
From the Field: 2018 Annual Veterinary Emerging Topics (VET) Report

CE: Management of Congestive Heart Failure in Canines: Keeping Them Alive
The Neutering Controversy: Understanding Data on Hormones, Behavior, & Neoplasia
Internal Medicine: The Asthmatic Cat

Clinical Insights
Imaging Essentials: Ultrasound- Pancreas
Focus On: Hypothermia
Infectious Disease: MRSA

Finding Balance
Overcoming the State of Overwhelm

July/August 2018

AHS Heartworm Hotline: Natural Heartworm Prevention
Nutrition Notes: Reptile Nutrition: Developing a Balanced Menu
From the Field: Compassion Fatigue/Wellness

Neurology: Acute Head Tilt in Dogs
Behavior: Understanding the Cat
Practice Step by Step: Providing Supplemental Oxygen to Patients

Clinical Insights
Imaging Essentials: Vasculature
Focus On Pharmacology: Pimobendan
Management Strategies: Toxicology: Art Supplies

Finding Balance

September/October 2018

From the Field: New Anesthesia Toolkit

Geriatric Pain Management
Differentiating Orthopedic From Neurologic Patients
Diagnosis of Pandora Syndrome

Clinical Insights
Imaging Essentials: Differences in Dogs/Cats
Focus On Diagnostics: Are “Normal” Electrolyte Results Really Normal?
Management Strategies: Toxicology- Top 10 Toxicological Causes of Canine Hypoglycemia

Finding Balance
Creating Highly Effective Teams and Culture

November/December 2018

From the Field: Formulary

Sedation/Anesthesia of Cats with Cardiomyopathies
Ophthalmology: Ocular Neoplasia
Emergency/Critical Care: Lung Injury

Clinical Insights
Imaging Essentials: AFAST/TFAST
Focus On Diagnostics: Errors and Omissions in the Lab
Management Strategies: Exotics- Avian Heavy Metal Toxicity: Much More Common Than You Think

Finding Balance
Healthy Eating for Busy Professionals

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