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Embrace Your Veterinary Community

Help your patients and clients outside of the clinic by supporting governmental legislations pertaining to the veterinary industry.

Embrace Your Veterinary Community
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For many veterinary professionals, helping animals is the big payoff at the end of the day. In fact, 77% of veterinary professionals in the NAVC’s “Amplifying the Voice of the Veterinary Community” survey said that helping animals on a daily basis was their favorite part of the job.

Most professionals who work in a clinic or hospital make a direct impact on patients and pet owners every day but may feel helpless when it comes to advocating for this community on a larger scale. We all have pets’ best interests at heart, but it seems like some decisions are just out of our hands—how can we further our reach beyond direct medical care?

“The NAVC launched Embrace to try and fill that void,” says Gene O’Neill, CEO of the NAVC. “This new advocacy platform strives to bring the veterinary community together under a common goal—bringing awareness to relevant government policies proposed at the local, state, and federal levels.”

It is important for every animal lover to be aware of these policies, from the pet owner to the rancher and from the practice manager to the veterinary specialist. Policymakers rely on the feedback of constituents, and since the veterinary community is such a passionate and tight-knit group of individuals, the NAVC wanted to give a voice to every person who has the ability to make a change for their beloved pets and clients.

“The system is set up to make advocacy easy,” O’Neill says. “Embrace sends you email alerts when it’s time to take action, showing you the steps necessary to contact your representatives and outlining how to make your case and have your voice heard.”

One example of how you can become an NAVC advocate right now is supporting the One Health Act. This legislation is currently moving through Congress and aims to encourage collaborative efforts to help better prevent, prepare for, and respond to zoonotic disease outbreaks and healthcare situations that affect all parts of the medical world (see “One World, One Medicine, One Health”). For example, consider the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the nation and world. Human and animal medical professionals alike are experiencing personal protection equipment shortages, reduced staff, and altered working conditions, forcing them to adapt as quickly as possibly. The One Health Act aims to better prepare the country by putting policies in place to make easier workflow transitions in the event of another healthcare emergency.

Sign up today to become an animal advocate and learn more about Embrace at navc.com/embrace. “Animals rely on both their owners and veterinary teams to be their voice,” O’Neill says. “With the simple steps in place by the NAVC, taking action will make a positive impact for pets everywhere.”