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Bringing Services to Conferences and Communities

Bringing Services to Conferences and Communities


Peter R. Scott, CAE, APR
NAVC, Orlando, Florida

It has now been almost five years since the NAVC became the North American Veterinary Community—changing the “C” in NAVC from Conference to Community.


Pete Scott, NAVC Chief Operating Officer

This change was a deliberate effort to not only recognize and embrace the entire profession, but to bolster the NAVC’s evolution from one of the largest and most respected conferences in the world to the profession’s most dynamic and engaging community. A key to fostering this community is recognizing that the NAVC is both a community of individuals and a community of organizations—a place where members of the veterinary health care team can learn, develop, and grow their passions.

A great deal of change has occurred since we became a Community: The NAVC launched the profession’s leading digital platform for “continuous education,” VetFolio. Quickly thereafter, this tremendous journal was acquired and Today’s Veterinary Technician was launched. Earlier this year, the NAVC brought the Veterinary Innovation Council (VIC) to the profession—a natural outcome of this continuing evolution.

The VIC is headed by Meghan Golden, MBA, the NAVC’s Vice President of Industry Services and International Relations. Since 2003, Meghan has established herself as a trusted advisor to thousands of people, providing strategic counsel and operations support to the NAVC’s rapidly growing list of clients and partners. This approach led to the development of NAVC Industry Services (navc.com/industry-services), which provides customized association and conference management to the veterinary profession.

Why Industry Services?

The NAVC has the unique opportunity to interact with many fantastic volunteer-led associations that are ready to grow beyond their current means. The Industry Services division has been carefully positioned as one of the world’s only non-profit association management groups exclusively for the veterinary profession. This means that we continue to find new ways to give back to the community by growing membership, driving attendance, and improving the financial health of its many members.

This division offers full-service association and conference management—but it is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We tailor every engagement to the specific needs of every organization. Some organizations simply need help developing their strategic and operating plans, while others need assistance in branding, marketing, and membership growth.

NAVC Industry Services is focusing on four primary areas—credentialing, exotic animals, nutrition, and awards/recognition—and we intend to quickly expand from there.


Elevating your professional credentials to the highest level is not only a personal achievement, but one that demonstrates—to your peers and clients—your commitment to being the absolute best. Many NAVC team members hold multiple credentials within their respective professions and understand the value they bring to everyday performance. Together—with the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (abvp.com), International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management (ivapm.org), and American College of Veterinary Behaviorists (dacvb.org)—we are dedicated to encouraging the pursuit of diplomate status, which demonstrates your commitment to be the absolute best in your area of specialization.

Exotic Animals

With such a broad spectrum of animals represented, we are excited to be the management company for the Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians (arav.org), and we are also assisting with management of ExoticsCon (exoticscon.org), a conference that recently welcomed over 850 members of the veterinary team to Portland, Oregon. This successful event brings together “the best of the best” in exotics veterinary medicine.


The NAVC shares the same belief as many of our colleagues—that nutrition should be the fifth vital assessment in every examination. We are committed to helping this happen by partnering with the Pet Nutrition Alliance (PNA), which is led by Doug Aspros, DVM, the PNA Board President and Past President of the AVMA. Together, with other member and sponsoring organizations, we are working to provide the veterinary team with the tools and resources to educate pet owners on the importance of proper nutrition.

Awards & Recognition

While there has never been a great explanation for this, veterinarians are not the best at recognizing greatness from within the profession, but the NAVC believes that time has come. Through the VIC, the NAVC is launching the Veterinary Innovation Awards in early 2017. This crowdsourced program will honor and recognize those in our profession who have made a significant difference in their areas of specialization, whether technology, scientific advancements, practice management, education, or a technique that has been perfected over years and become common practice.

We are also going to have fun and recognize the world of veterinary marketing and advertising with The Vetty Awards. Designed primarily for those who develop creative and inspiring campaigns for the veterinary health care team, this program will recognize designers, copywriters, photographers, website designers, and others who pour their hearts and souls into making advertising that stops you in your tracks.

While this has been quite an exciting time, there is more to be done. We see so much opportunity in helping the profession inspire more members of health care teams to pursue their passions, provide better care for their patients, and build a truly world-class Community. We are all truly humbled to be a part of it.