New Bill Would Tighten Prescription Regulations for Veterinarians

Last April, House Representatives, Chris Collins (R-NY) and Matt Cartwright (D-PA), introduced H.R. 5472, dubbed the “Fairness to Pet Owners Act of 2018.” If the bill were to pass and become law, veterinarians would be required to provide written prescriptions for all companion animals, even if not requested by a client.

In a web posting titled, “Stop Unnecessary Prescription Regulations,” the AVMA voiced stark opposition to the congressional proceedings. From the association’s perspective, the action is unnecessary and frivolous in nature. An AVMA spokesperson described the association’s sentiments, saying, “At best, this legislation is a poor use of congressional resources. At worst, it’s a dangerous federal interference with veterinary practice.”

The AVMA is urging individuals to join in signing a petition to form a collective voice of opposition against the legislation. For further details and to sign the petition click here.