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Omega-3 fatty acids for sensitive skin and more

Add Free Form™ Omega-3 Fish Oil as part of your everyday wellness plan for your patients.

Omega-3 fatty acids for sensitive skin and more

Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to benefit normal bodily systems in a number of ways:

  • Supports a normal and healthy inflammatory response throughout the body, including the skin
  • Joint health
  • Cognitive health
  • Normal kidney and cardiovascular health
  • Eye health

An easy first step toward a healthy lifestyle.

Free Form™ Omega-3 Fish Oil helps promote everyday wellness, joint mobility and normal function of the eyes, brain, heart and kidneys. It also supports a healthy immune system and animals with sensitive skin and seasonal skin allergies.

Not all fish oils are the same.

Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are considered among the most beneficial and easily digestible omega-3s for dogs. The freed-up fatty acids in Free Form™ allow for easy absorption and higher levels of EPA & DHA compared to some other fish oil supplements.

Naturally derived quality.

Free Form™ is made from naturally derived ingredients, free of heavy metals so you can recommend with confidence.

Flexible dosing options.

To meet the needs of dogs and cats of all sizes, Free Form™ is available in flexible dosing options.

Snip Tips

Administer whole or snip open for easy administration:

For small dogs and cats

Weight Daily Amount
5-14 lbs 1 capsule every other day
15-29 lbs 1 capsule
30-44 lbs 2 capsules
45-60 lbs 3 capsules

For medium and large dogs

Weight Daily Amount
30-59 lbs 1 capsule
60-90 lbs 2 capsules
Over 90 lbs 3 capsules


One 0.5ml pump per 10 lbs of body weight daily

Backed by science.

Elanco is proud to offer a line of pet supplements that have been carefully formulated with the high-quality ingredients your pet deserves.

To learn more about how Free Form™ can help support your patients’ everyday wellness, contact your Elanco sales representative or Customer Service at (800) 633-3796.


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