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Pet Health By the Numbers
Canine Periodontal Disease

Pet Health By the Numbers</br>Canine Periodontal Disease

Today’s Veterinary Practice and Banfield Pet Hospitals (banfield.com) have partnered together to bring you Pet Health by the Numbers. This column provides clinically relevant statistics extracted from medical record data of nearly 2.5 million dogs and nearly 500,000 cats presented to more than 920 Banfield Pet Hospitals in 2015.

February is National Pet Dental Health Month and, in honor of this important initiative, this column features statistics on the prevalence of periodontal disease in dogs presented to Banfield Pet Hospital in 2015. Read this issue’s dental articles, Interpretation of Dental Radiographs in Dogs & Cats and Chronic Feline Gingivostomatitis: Proven Therapeutic Approaches & New Treatment Options.




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