Clinical Resources


Ear Cleaners for Use In Patients With Chronic Otitis
Deep Ear Flush: Step by Step

Clinical Guidelines

IRIS Staging of Chronic Kidney Disease (Modified 2015)

Client Aids & Handouts

Geriatric Questionnaire
How to Enhance Your Pet’s Environment
Pet Insurance Primer: Policy Features by Company
Parasites & Zoonotic Disease: Client Education
Poison Prevention in Pets: Top 10 Toxicoses
Keep Pets Safe from Holiday Hazards
January is Walk Your Dog Month
Winter Weather Safety Tips for Dogs
Common Household Poisons
Heartworm Disease in Dogs
Tips for Owning a Pet Rabbit
Microchipping Your Pet
Do You Have a Disaster Plan for Your Pet?
Canine Anxiety and How to Deal With It
Causes and Treatment of Motion Sickness in Dogs
Keeping Your Pets Stress-Free During Fireworks Season
Puppy Training
National Pet Fire Safety Day — Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe

Clinical Medicine & Procedures

Canine Pyoderma – Antibiotics
Canine Pyoderma – Topical Antibacterial
The Three Principles of Radiation Safety
Overview of Resuscitative Fluid Therapy
Canine Rehabilitation Resources
Brachycephalic Breeds: Thwarting Tracheostomy Tube Troubles
Suggested Reading for Platelet Rich Plasma: Its Place in Cranial Cruciate Ligament Repair
Cranial Nerve Assessment
Veterinary Forensics: The Case of the Shot Cat
Medications for Acute Vomiting: Dogs & Cats
Lesion Location Organized by Neurologic Assessment & Findings
Minimizing Risks Associated with IVRA & Ring Blocks
Local Anesthetic Calculation Cheat Sheet: Bupivacaine (0.5%)

In-Clinic Materials

Blood Pressure Measurement Record
Dogs at Work: Ensuring Optimum Care for Canine Assistants (courtesy of Merck Animal Health)
Tips for Accompanying an Assistance Dog Team
What to Include in Your Practice’s Nutrition Message
The Importance of Dental Radiographs (poster available for sale at
AAFCO Definitions for Common Pet Food Ingredients
Beyond the Guaranteed Analysis: Comparing Pet Foods
Vaccine Recommendations for Kittens
Vaccine Recommendations for Puppies
Developing Protocols for Obese Animals
Hill’s Pet Nutrition Body Fat Index (BFI) Risk Charts for Dogs and Cats
Nestle Purina Body Condition System for Dogs and Cats
Step by Step: Feeding the Pet with Cancer
Feeding Guidelines for Dogs & Cats with Cancer Based on Nutrition Status
Addressing Rationale, Regulation, & Adverse Effects of Feeding Supplements
Decoding the Signs of Osteoarthritis

Product Profiles

Product Profile: Common Flea Preventive Medications For Dogs & Cats
Product Profile: Common Tick Preventive Medications for Dogs & Cats

Marketing Tools

Client Communication & Education Tools
Exploring Social Media Further
How Practices Can Thrive in an Online Environment: Additional Informational Tables

Video Links By Issue

January/February 2014
Appearance and characteristics of easily epilated hair in a cat

May/June 2014
Generalized Tonic Clonic Seizure in a Dog

January/February 2015
SIRS & SEPSIS: Poor microcirculatory blood flow-Video 1
SIRS & SEPSIS: Poor microcirculatory blood flow-Video 2

Article References By Issue

January/February 2013
Debunking Common Myths About Periodontal Disease, Jan/Feb 2013
The Veterinarian as Crime Scene Investigator, Jan/Feb 2013

May/June 2013
Clinical Approach To The Canine Red Eye, May/June 2013
GI Intervention: Patient With Acute Diarrhea, May/June 2013
Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcal Infections: Recent Developments, May/June 2013

January/February 2014
Alopecia, Easily Epilated Hair,& Inappetence in a Cat, Jan/Feb 2014
Canine Hyperadrenocorticism: Challenges Establishing the Diagnosis, Jan/Feb 2014
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation: The RECOVER Guidelines, Jan/Feb 2014
Feline Acute Pain Series: Assessment of Acute Pain in Cats, Jan/Feb 2014
Feline & Canine Oral Ulcerative Disease, Jan/Feb 2014
Nutritional Management of Renal Disease: An Evidence-Based Approach, Jan/Feb 2014
Vaccinating Dogs Against Lyme Disease: Two Points of View, Jan/Feb 2014
Nursing Care & Triage for Head Trauma Patients, Jan/Feb 2014
Canine Intestinal Helminths: Recommendations from the Companion Animal Parasite Council, Jan/Feb 2014
Techniques for Performing Corrective Surgery: Dogs with Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome, Jan/Feb 2014

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