Electrolyte Disorders

This free e-book includes a collection of algorithms, written by Drs. Audrey Cook and Justin Heinz, to aid in the evaluation and management of 6 of the most common electrolyte disturbances. Use this book as a quick-reference guide when approaching these imbalances, and if needed, access an in-depth review of each condition via a link within the ebook.


Get all of our recently published, peer-reviewed “Issues in Endocrinology” content in a free, downloadable e-book that is accessible on any device.

Integrative Medicine

This is one of the fastest growing areas in veterinary medicine. Get peer-reviewed content about acupuncture, laser therapy, monoclonal antibody therapy, and more in this free, downloadable e-book.

Pain Management

Get the latest on pain prevention, assessment, and treatment in our recently published, peer-reviewed Pain Management content. This free, downloadable e-book is accessible on any device.


Keep your patients healthy and prevent disease with the information in our “Nutrition Essentials” e-book. The content is free, downloadable, and accessible on any device.


As one of the pillars of companion animal health, stay up-to-date on our recently published, peer-reviewed Dentistry content in this free, downloadable e-book that is accessible on any device.