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waterfowl and heavy metal poisoning

Lead and Zinc Toxicity in Birds

When it comes to heavy-metal poisoning, lead and zinc are the most commonly reported of avian toxicoses in both captive and free-ranging birds.

Avian Aspergillosis: What Every Veterinarian Needs to Know

Joyce Huang, BSFR Joerg Mayer, DVM, MS, DABVP, DACZM University of Georgia BIRD’S EYE VIEW Certain avian species such as captive psittacines have been reported to be more at risk for Aspergillus infection.   WHAT IS IT? Aspergillosis, a noncontagious, opportunistic fungal infection, is caused by Aspergillus species. It is also known as a mycotic …

Avian Radiography

Radiography of the avian patient is an essential diagnostic tool that assists with evaluation of a variety of disorders. Appropriate patient positioning and radiographic technique are vital for proper radiographic assessment. Improper positioning and/or radiographic technique can underestimate or overestimate potential lesions. SPECIES SPECIFICS Technique Due to the small size of many bird species, whole body …