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Mirtazapine: Addressing Appetite in Cats

A review of the studies of oral mirtazapine—which stimulates appetite—and current recommendations for cats, including normal cats, geriatric cats, and cats with kidney or liver disease.

Chronic Kidney Disease Screening and Confirmation Testing in Cats

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is one of the most commonly diagnosed conditions in older cats. A 1992 study of 2228 cats found 31% of cats older than 10 years to be affected1; a smaller and more recent study of a random cohort of cats found incidence to be 50%.2 New testing options may help you …

Sedation for Cats with Cardiovascular Disease

There are no safe sedative or anesthetic drugs, just safe delivery practices.

Cats represent a large part of the US pet population; as of 2012, the approximately 74.1 million cats outnumbered the approximately 69.9 million dogs in this country. Although these numbers represent an overall decline in dog and cat populations, the proportion of cats that are mature (>7 years old) or geriatric (>11 years old) has …

Pandora Syndrome in Cats: Diagnosis and Treatment

Providing an environment that is compatible with cats’ behavioral needs often seems to mitigate the effects of at least some manifestations of Pandora syndrome in addition to promoting their general health and welfare.

Understanding the Cat and Creating a Cat-Friendly Practice

Want to be a cat-friendly practice? Measures can be taken to prevent environmental and handling stressors, resulting in improved patient experiences, client acceptance of veterinary services and reduced injury rates to veterinary professionals.

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