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January/February 2019

Table of Contents: January/February 2019

Want to view the full digital issue? Click here. Features CONTINUING EDUCATION Regional Anesthesia for the Dentistry and Oral Surgery Patient Brenda L. Mulherin, DVM, DAVDC Julie M. Riha, DVM Iowa State University Clients have significant anxiety when thinking about their pets being placed under general anesthesia. Adding regional anesthesia to the anesthetic protocol decreases …

Is This the Golden Age of Veterinary Medicine?

Veterinarians make meaningful contributions to enrich the lives of animals and fellow human beings, despite all the challenges and concerns that we address in our daily lives and the state of the world around us.

waterfowl and heavy metal poisoning

Lead and Zinc Toxicity in Birds

When it comes to heavy-metal poisoning, lead and zinc are the most commonly reported of avian toxicoses in both captive and free-ranging birds.

personal wellness

New Year, New Mindset

As a veterinarian, your body takes a huge hit with the daily demands of the profession. Here’s how to begin each day with an energizing, positive routine.