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January/February 2015

Focus On Dermatology

Over the past year, the Journal of Veterinary Dermatology has published over 70 articles. The following abstracted articles are particularly applicable to small animal practitioners as these selected articles advance understanding of diagnostic or treatment options for canine allergic dermatitis and provide rational guidelines for diagnosis and antimicrobial therapy of canine superficial bacterial folliculitis (SBF). …

Canine Performance & Rehabilitative Nutrition, Part 2: Canine Rehabilitative Nutrition

Justin Shmalberg, DVM, Diplomate ACVN, University of Florida   The American College of Veterinary Nutrition (acvn.org) and Today’s Veterinary Practice are delighted to bring you the Nutrition Notes column, which provides the highest quality, cutting edge information on companion animal nutrition, provided by the ACVN’s foremost nutrition specialists. The primary objectives of the ACVN are …

Oral Cyclosporine Use in Dogs

Originally derived from a soil fungus, cyclosporine is a powerful immunosuppressive drug that was initially used in humans to prevent rejection of transplanted organs.1-3 In 2003, oral cyclosporine capsules (Atopica, novartis.com) received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for treatment of atopy in dogs. Extralabel use of cyclosporine includes: Treatment of a variety of inflammatory …

Escaping the Polar Vortex

Lesley G. King, MVB, Diplomate ACVECC & ACVIM (Small Animal Internal Medicine) University of Pennsylvania Looking at this year’s winter weather forecast for the east coast, it seems that we may have a repeat of last year’s woes. It’s certainly starting early as we had our first snowfall of the season just before Thanksgiving. With …