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March/April 2019

Use of Acupuncture for Pain Management

While pharmacologic options remain the mainstays, nonpharmacologic interventions—including acupuncture—are an important and safe part of a comprehensive pain management plan for animals.

Managing Uveitis in Dogs and Cats

Managing uveitis centers on controlling inflammation, reducing pain, and preserving vision, but identifying the underlying condition requires skill and dedication.

The causes of uveitis are numerous and often elusive. Educating clients on the potential complications of uncontrolled uveitis (cataracts, glaucoma, loss of vision, pain) greatly increases compliance with therapy and follow-up visits to maximize success.

monoclonal antibodies (mAbs)

The Therapeutic Power of Monoclonal Antibody Therapy

Biotherapeutics are still relatively new in veterinary medicine. This article reviews biologic therapy as it relates specifically to monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and covers the only fully licensed and commercially available product, lokivetmab (Cytopoint).