March/April 2015

Practical Techniques from the NAVC Institute: Addressing Brachycephalic Ocular Syndrome in the Dog

Caryn E. Plummer, DVM, Diplomate ACVO Each year, the NAVC Institute takes place in Orlando, Florida, and top specialists in select areas of veterinary medicine provide hands-on, one-on-one continuing education to Institute attendees.The NAVC and Today’s Veterinary Practice have partnered together to present the Practical Techniques from the NAVC Institute column, which includes material from …

Vital Vaccination: Canine Leptospirosis:
(Still) an Emerging Infection?

Richard B. Ford, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVIM & ACVPM (Hon) North Carolina State University In the United States, outbreaks of leptospirosis among dogs appear rare. The relatively low incidence of cases seen in private practice and lack of a rapid, point-of-care diagnostic test compromise the clinician’s ability to define exposure risk and need for routine …

Practice Building:
Who Are the Leaders in Your Practice?
Characteristics of Good Leaders

Wendy Hauser, DVM Peak Veterinary Consulting, Parker, Colorado “One of the most rewarding roles in managing a study group of practices is working with professionals who bring innovative ideas to the field of small business management. Dr. Wendy Hauser’s unique approach to cultivating everyday leaders is a topic worth sharing through the Practice Building column. …

Surgical Skills:
Creating a Leak-Proof Ligature with Confidence
Part 2: Step-by-Step Approach to Surgical Binding Knots

Daniel D. Smeak, DVM, Diplomate ACVS, and Kurtis M. Hazenfield, DVM, MS Colorado State University Certain binding knots are highly useful in achieving consistently secure ligations. Very little information is available in the human and veterinary literature describing indications and contraindications for use of binding knots for ligation, and we could find no published, wellillustrated …

Endoscopy Essentials: Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Techniques, Part 2

Julie Callahan Clark, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM University of Pennsylvania Welcome to our newest column in Today’s Veterinary Practice—Endoscopy Essentials. Similar to our Imaging Essentials column, which addresses radiography by anatomic location, each article in this column will discuss endoscopic evaluation of a specifi c body system, reviewing indications, disease abnormalities, and proper endoscopic technique. The …

CAPC Parasite Protocols For Your Practice:
Canine Arthropods: Mites & Ticks
Recommendations from the Companion Animal Parasite Council

R. William Stich, MS, PhD, University of Missouri I. Craig Prior, BVSc, CVJ, Murphy Road Animal Hospital, Nashville, Tennessee The mission of the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) is to foster animal and human health, while preserving the human–animal bond, through recommendations for the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and control of parasitic infections. For more information, …

AHS Heartworm Hotline: Canine Heartworm Disease
Principles of Treatment

Charles Thomas Nelson, DVM Animal Medical Center, Anniston, Alabama Companion Animal Practices of North America (CAPNA) The Heartworm Hotline column is presented in partnership between Today’s Veterinary Practice and the American Heartworm Society (heartwormsociety.org). The goal of the column is to communicate practical and timely information on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of heartworm disease, as …

Today’s Veterinary News:
The Latest News in Veterinary Medicine

PETPLAN AWARDS Thousands of veterinary professionals were nominated, but only six were named “top dog” at the 2015 Petplan Veterinary Awards Dinner. Pet insurance provider Petplan hosted the fourth annual black tie gala this past January at Orlando’s Four Seasons, in tandem with the NAVC Conference. These awards honor those who provide exceptional service to …

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