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May/June 2012

Hot Topic: How to Handle the Headaches of Recalls

Christine M. Meredith, VMD, and Travis B. Meredith, DVM, MBA, Diplomate ACT In recent years, animal health news has been overloaded with safety-related product recalls. Since 2007, more than 150 brands of pet foods have been voluntarily recalled. For example, in 2007 many pet illness and deaths were attributed to melamine-contaminated pet foods. Then late …

Venipuncture in Exotic Companion Mammals

Amanda M. Maddamma, RVT, and Angela M. Lennox, DVM, Diplomate ABVP (Avian) Blood collection for diagnostic testing can be a challenge in exotic companion mammals, especially in smaller species. However, today’s technological advancements allow us to gain valuable information even with limited sample volume. In all cases, sample quality and minimal volume requirements must be …

Veterinary Teams & Clients: Facing Financial Facts

Karen E. Felsted, CPA, MS, DVM, CVPM This is the third article in Dr. Karen Felsted’s Growing Your Practice series, which is based on results from the 2011 Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Study. This study investigated veterinary practice performance from both the veterinary professional and pet owner viewpoints.¬† The goal of this series is to …

Small Animal Radiography of the Scapula, Shoulder, & Humerus

This is the fifth article in our Imaging Essentials series, which is focused on providing comprehensive information on radiography of different anatomic areas of dogs and cats. The first four articles are available at todaysveterinarypractice.com: Small Animal Thoracic Radiography (Sept/Oct 2011) Small Animal Abdominal Radiography (Nov/Dec 2011) Small Animal Pelvic Radiography (Jan/Feb 2012) Small Animal …

The Latest News in Veterinary Medicine

Highlights: Feline-friendly nursing guidelines, GI diet for challenging cases, Merck vaccination campaign, new distributor for E.I. Medical Imaging, parasite predictions, Project Pet Slim Down, State of Pet Health report, VetWebsites’ webinars Banfield Releases¬†State Of Pet Health 2012 Report May 1, 2012–Compiled by Banfield’s internal research team, medical data from 2 million dogs and nearly 430,000 …