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May/June 2015

Epileptic Emergencies: Status Epilepticus in Canine Patients

Oriana D. Scislowicz, BS, LVT CVCA Cardiac Care for Pets, Richmond, Virginia Status epilepticus (SE) is characterized by epileptic seizures that continue for more than 5 minutes, or the occurrence of more than 1 seizure within a 5-minute period in which the human or animal does not return to “normal” in between seizures. Some seizures …

The Importance of Microchipping and the ISO Standard

A microchip is one of the best ways to ensure that lost pets will be returned to their owners. Veterinary professionals should emphasize that while collars with up-to-date ID tags help clients get their pets back, collars and tags can be easily removed or lost, so the microchip may make the difference when it comes to finding lost animals.

Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome & Sepsis, Part 2: Stabilization & Treatment

Erin McGowan, VMD, and Deborah Silverstein, DVM, Diplomate ACVECC University of Pennsylvania Early recognition of patients with systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) and sepsis is imperative in order to optimize the chance of patient survival. Early intervention is then necessary to minimize further tissue ischemia, cellular damage, and organ injury. Part 1 of this series—Systemic …

Parasitology Expertise From the NCVP: Feline Tick-Borne Diseases

Yoko Nagamori, DVM, and Mason V. Reichard, MS, PhD Oklahoma State University Welcome to one of 3 new columns in this issue, brought to you in partnership between the National Center for Veterinary Parasitology (ncvetp.org) and Today’s Veterinary Practice. The mission of the NCVP is to further the discipline of parasitology by bringing together partners …

Who Are the Leaders in Your Practice? Growing a Healthy Practice Through Leadership

Wendy Hauser, DVM Peak Veterinary Consulting, Parker, Colorado One of the most rewarding roles in managing a study group of practices is working with professionals who bring innovative ideas to the field of small business management. Dr. Wendy Hauser’s unique approach to cultivating everyday leaders is a topic worth sharing through the Practice Building column …

Answers to What, Where, Why, & When? Corneal Opacities in Dogs & Cats

Ann R. Strom, DVM, MS, and David J. Maggs, BVSc, Diplomate ACVO University of California–Davis Welcome to Observations in Ophthalmology, 1 of 2 new columns in this issue of Today’s Veterinary Practice. The articles in this column will provide succinct nuggets of knowledge about common (and sometimes uncommon) ophthalmic conditions seen in general practice. Authors …

Today’s Veterinary News

For more veterinary news, go to Facebook.com/TodaysVeterinary Practice Twitter.com/TVPJournal ARTES BIOTECHNOLOGY & BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM ANIMAL HEALTH ANNOUNCE COLLABORATION ARTES Biotechnology has announced a collaboration with the global pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health. ARTES specializes in recombinant protein production and vaccine development from microbial expression systems, and its expression system Hansenula polymorpha is a preferred …

In Memoriam: Neill P. Overman, Leading Catalyst for the NAVC

Mr. Overman was the NAVC’s Emeritus Past Director of Exhibits, founder of Veterinary Learning Systems, and a leader for the Eastern States Veterinary Association, Inc, parent company of the NAVC.   The North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) remembers the profound contributions of one of its leaders, Neill P. Overman, who passed away on April 4, …