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Get Movin’!

The veterinary profession can be quite brutal when it comes to injuries (acute and chronic) and physical stressors in general. Here’s how to prevent them.

Clinical Insights

Eating Healthy for Busy Professionals

Your day may go something like this. Grab a cup of coffee as you rush out the door to the clinic; if you have a minute, gobble down a bagel or donut—whatever is within reach. You arrive at the clinic, going nonstop, all day, rushing from appointment to appointment with patients or to surgery. Lunch? …

Clinical Insights

Personal Wellness Creating a Highly Effective Veterinary Team

Creating a highly effective team can change everything about how we practice veterinary medicine and experience fulfillment in our careers. In business, we view having an effective team as maximizing profit and providing exceptional patient care. The question then becomes: How exactly do we do that? Establishing a place for open communication, practicing and promoting …

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