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Selamectin Use in Companion Animals

While selamectin has been on the market for decades, it is important to review the updated literature due to extra-label use and emerging infectious concerns.

New product options represent exciting new tools in the crusade against parasites in companion animals, from the domestic to the exotic.

declining bird populations

Bird Population Sees Staggering Decline

A study that looked at declining bird populations found 2.9 billion breeding adult birds have been lost since 1970, including birds in every ecosystem. The losses include iconic songsters such as the sweet-singing white-throated sparrows (down by 93 million).

Lewis the Llama

Lewis the Llama Undergoes Successful Dental Surgery at CSU

After being found abandoned in Yellowstone National Park, Lewis the Llama was captured and taken to Colorado State University’s veterinary teaching hospital. There they found Lewis had periodontal disease in teeth on both sides of his jaw and decided to remove the affected teeth in surgery.

harp seal named Marie Tharp released into the wild

National Aquarium Animal Rescue Releases Harp Seal

After spending more than two months at the National Aquarium’s Animal Care and Rescue Center in Baltimore, a young female harp seal named Marie Tharp was finally healthy enough to be released back into the ocean.

Hypervitaminosis A in Reptiles

In reptiles, the clinical signs of hypervitaminosis A are typically manifested in the skin. Reptiles with chronic hypervitaminosis A require long-term support and wound management as well as routine check-ups.