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Understanding Advocacy

There's no greater way to advocate for your profession than directly effecting change by getting involved and actively participating.

Success begins with the individuals. Join local groups, state VMAs, and national organizations to best advocate for the future of the profession you love.

The Most Underutilized Resource in Your Clinic

Veterinary nurses are trained in a multitude of areas. Don't let their skills atrophy!

Some veterinarians have a hard time letting go of responsibilities. But fully utilizing your veterinary nurses will allow you to see more patients, enhance your relationship with clients and employees, and even improve your bottom line.

Lasting in the Veterinary Profession

Participating in open and honest conversations about compassion fatigue is one of the first steps toward addressing mental health issues in veterinary medicine.

The acronym L.A.S.T. — which stands for Listen, Accept, Seek, and Test — can be a helpful tool to recenter yourself during times of stress and fatigue.

Integrated Solutions

Practice information management systems (PIMS) are designed so veterinary professionals spend less time on paperwork and more time treating patients.

Practice information management systems (PIMS) come in a variety of formats, offering various integrations, tools, and compatibility. Knowing which ones would benefit your practice best is the first step in setting your practice apart.

Telehealth: Navigating the New Normal

While telemedicine has been around for a while, it's recently rocketed into business and could be the future of veterinary medicine.

Don’t fall behind in business by excluding telemedicine in your practice. There are many ways to implement it and customers, old and new, will be grateful.

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Study Shows Shifting Views on Pet Healthcare, Human-Animal Bond During Pandemic

A Banfield Pet Hospital study found that 84% of pet owners surveyed feel more attuned to their pet's health during quarantine and 67% plan to make changes to how they care for their pet.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on how pet owners view pet healthcare and the human-animal bond, according to findings from a recent Banfield Pet Hospital survey. The online survey included 1,000 dog and cat owners in the United States, and was conducted by Wakefield Research from May 11-15. The range of questions …

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Staying Centered in a Crisis

Humanitarian crises also affect the veterinary profession—but is it always in a negative way? These times of uncertainty can help the profession learn new ways of growing, adapting, and thriving.

Warning About Use of Antiparasitic Drug Ivermectin to Treat COVID-19

PIJAC urges veterinary staff to warn pet owners against using pet care products for humans in the face of research suggesting a treatment for COVID-19.

PIJAC urges veterinary staff to warn pet owners against using pet care products for humans in the face of research suggesting a treatment for COVID-19.