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Paying for Moments of Certainty?

As the debate around human healthcare insurance currently dominates our lives in the United States, it’s worth asking relevant questions about insurance options for the pets we treat. As veterinary care continues to advance, so do the associated costs, which undoubtedly impact “best possible care” options. Pets are legally considered to be the property of …

The Doctor Will See You Now

We may fear the future that technology can bring into our daily lives, but what is already here is probably around to stay. It’s been roughly 40 years since telemedicine was introduced into human healthcare, and for many purposes, its exponential progress has been embraced and accepted. Its role in veterinary medicine has been slower to…

The NAVC Introduces the 2017 New Product Gallery

Be the first to check out revolutionary products that will enhance the way you practice! The NAVC Conference 2017 featured 20 products in its New Product Gallery. Eligible products were selected by an NAVC committee made up of industry veterinarians and veterinary technicians. They launched or will launch between July 2016 and July 2017. For …

A Regulatory Road Map for Telehealth and Pet Health Care

It’s no longer a question of whether veterinarians will embrace telemedicine technologies, but when…and how. The veterinary profession and its animal health partners are eager to get this right, so how do we make it happen, not just at conferences, but every day in practices across the U.S.?

Bringing Services to Conferences and Communities

It has now been almost five years since the NAVC became the North American Veterinary Community—changing the “C” in NAVC from Conference to Community.
This change was a deliberate effort to not only recognize and embrace the entire profession, but to bolster the NAVC’s evolution from…

Caring for Geriatric Pets in Your Practice

There is much we can do to help pets live comfortable lives as super seniors. Our ability to recognize and manage pain, anxiety, hygiene, and other signs that may affect quality of life has advanced in recent years.

Practicing Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine: Challenge or Opportunity?

Kirk J. Breuninger, VMD, MPH Banfield Pet Hospital As clinicians, we have the responsibility to practice veterinary medicine based on complete, objective, and up-to-date scientific evidence. But what happens when we do not have relevant evidence available to completely support our medical decision-making? The Example of Gonadectomy A specific example of this challenge is the …