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The Latest News in Veterinary Medicine

The Latest News in Veterinary Medicine


Diabetes Alliance

Diabetes PetCare Alliance Formed

Merck Animal Health, Abbott Animal Health, and Nestlé Purina PetCare have joined together to form the Diabetes PetCare Alliance to help veterinarians raise awareness of diabetes signs in pets. Diabetes mellitus affects an estimated 1 in 250 cats and 1 in 500 dogs, and tends to be underdiagnosed. This is especially true in cats, which—unlike dogs—suffer primarily from Type 2 diabetes often related to obesity. Practices are encouraged to screen patients in March 2015. By screening patients at risk for developing diabetes, veterinary practices can facilitate early diagnosis and disease intervention, leading to enhanced length and quality of the patient’s life. For more information, visit usa.petdiabetesmonth.com.

GRLS-Brochure2014_MAFFINAL-0314.pdf Golden Retriever Lifetime Study CE for Veterinary Technicians

Morris Animal Foundation and the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) are providing an hour of continuing education for veterinary technicians. The session is online in a pre-recorded video format and features in-depth information related to the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, the largest observational study conducted in veterinary medicine. Both the course outline and post-test quiz will be included with this session. By completing the post-test quiz successfully, participants will automatically receive their certificates of completion via email. For more information, visit caninelifetimehealth.org.

vetstreet Survey Shows Over 50% of Pets Do Not Receive Adequate Dental Care

Despite evidence that over 80% of all cats and dogs will exhibit some level of periodontal disease by the time they are 3 years of age, a national survey commissioned by Vetstreet found that more than 50% of pet owners say they do not seek regular professional dental care for their pets. The survey found that 57% of pet owners said they would find more information about pet dental care valuable. Vetstreet has launched a pet dental health campaign in advance of Pet Dental Month in February, and as part of its dental education initiative, they are offering a series of tools to help practices encourage their clients to consider making a dental appointment. For more information, contact your Vetstreet representative or call 888-799-8387.

Microsoft PowerPoint - Ppt0000017 [Read-Only]PRN Pharmacal Introduces PetVisionPro For Dogs

PRN Pharmacal has introduced PetVisionPro for dogs, a patented eye drop formulation that helps dogs with poor vision see their world clearly again by reducing lens opacity. PetVisionPro is an economical, easy to administer, and cost-effective alternative to surgery. The formulation is comprised of amino acids and antioxidants in a preserved, sterile solution that works to dissolve glycated proteins. PetVisionPro also enhances eye lubrication and helps maintain eye health for up to 6 months. To learn more about new PetVisionPro and other PRN Pharmacal products, contact your distributor representative or visit prnpharmacal.com.


QuvenzhanŽ WallisChildren’s Book On The Importance Of Preventive Care

Banfield Pet Hospital and Quvenzhané Wallis—animal lover and actress from the film, Annie—announced the release of a children’s book, My Very, Very Busy Day!, written and illustrated by Ray Nelson, a Portland, Oregon artist, in partnership with Banfield Pet Hospital. The book entertains while educating children on responsible pet ownership, including the importance of regular preventive veterinary care for pets. Ms. Wallis contributed the book’s foreword, sharing her love of her dogs, Sammie and Shuga, and her aspiration of becoming a veterinarian. Banfield veterinarians, Dr. Ari Zabell, director of client advocate support in Portland, and Dr. Jessica Trice, chief of staff in one of Banfield’s Chicago hospitals, provided medical expertise for the book. The book will be available for a suggested donation of $10 to Banfield Charitable Trust, to provide preventive care to pets in need. For more information, visit banfield.com/myveryverybusyday.

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Veterinary Oxygen Generators | AIRNETIC |Powerful 165psi systemsHybrid Veterinary Oxygen Systems

JD Medical Distributing, Inc has entered an agreement with AIRNETIC, Inc to serve as a distributor of AIRNETIC’s line of 165 psi high-performance hybrid veterinary oxygen systems. The powerful, compact, on-site oxygen generator systems are specifically designed for high-volume veterinary hospitals. The system produces more oxygen per square foot and uses less energy, with lower noise pollution, than bottled or liquid oxygen, providing an oxygen alternative for veterinary hospitals. For more information about HP Hybrid oxygen systems, visit airneticus.com or call 800-923-6711.

Catalyst One Chemistry Analyzer Quick Reference GuideIDEXX Now Shipping Catalyst One Chemistry Analyzer

IDEXX Laboratories, Inc recently began shipping and installing new customer orders for the Catalyst One Chemistry Analyzer. This transformational instrument allows veterinary practices of all sizes to realize the same benefits of reference laboratory-quality, in-house chemistry found in its Catalyst Dx Chemistry Analyzer. The Catalyst One Analyzer is the industry’s first to combine chemistry, electrolytes, and total T4 in one sample run, with results available during the patient visit. The Catalyst One Chemistry Analyzer is available through your IDEXX Veterinary Diagnostic Consultant or by calling 1-888-79-IDEXX. For more information, visit idexx.com/catalyst-one.


CEVA_logo Fear Free Initiative

Ceva has announced its commitment to Fear Free, an innovative initiative developed by Dr. Marty Becker, resident veterinary contributor on “Good Morning America” and a member of the Board of Directors of the American Humane Association. Fear Free’s programs are designed to educate and certify veterinary professionals in the creation and delivery of Fear Free visits to Fear Free practices. Ceva researches the use of pheromones in controlling fearful and unwanted pet behaviors, including the fear and stress pets may experience when visiting the veterinarian. In a Fear Free practice, pets go from living room to examination room and back home surrounded by pheromones. At the veterinary office, quiet sounds and lots of treats can help make the pet feel more comfortable. Separate waiting rooms and pheromones used throughout the hospital also continue to relax and reassure pets that they are in a safe place. For more information about the Fear Free initiative, visit ceva.us. or drmartybecker.com.


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