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Today’s Veterinary Business Offers Free Resource Library to Practice Leaders

<em>Today’s Veterinary Business</em> Offers Free Resource Library to Practice Leaders
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The new Veterinary Business Resource Library is a one-stop online shop for practice leaders. The library, powered by Today’s Veterinary Business, serves as an invaluable tool for the veterinary practice, providing up-to-date assets and information from over 30 industry leading companies.
Originally an application run by Veterinary Advantage (an official publication of the NAVC), the tool was for distributor sales representatives who used it to send relevant materials to their customers and stay current on the latest product information.

With launch of the NAVC’s Today’s Veterinary Business, staff realized the app could fulfill a much larger purpose beyond being a tool for distributor sales reps only. It was a tool that had the potential to help the entire veterinary practice industry.

Today, the tool has been revamped so that the library’s goal is to serve as the veterinary industry’s source for product information, detailers, videos, and white papers. By hosting the most relevant information in a centralized repository, the resource library app places the information at the fingertips of veterinarians and their staff, minimizing the need to place inquiries with sales representatives.

The library app is free to end users and grants access to numerous resources. Veterinary practice members can visit an individual page for each company and browse their contact information, product details, and even SoundBytes (easy-to-read communication tool for about the product and pharmaceutical).

Whether you are looking for information on the latest vaccines, flea and tick control, lab products, test kits, exam room furnishings, supplements, or anything in between, check it out for yourself by visiting veterinaryresourcelibrary.com.

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