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The Latest News in Veterinary Medicine

The Latest News in Veterinary Medicine


Single Application Otitis Externa Therapy

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TriLogic Pharma has introduced a single application otitis externa therapy, Ketocort Otic, that combines antifungal broad spectrum ketoconazole and anti-pruritic hydrocortisone in a patented, sustained-release drug delivery gel. Ketocort Otic is applied by the veterinarian in a single application and slowly breaks down, releasing medication over 7 days. One week after treatment, 78% of dogs demonstrated successful results from a single infusion of Ketocort Otic. It also provides relief from pruritus for up to 14 days. For more information, visit trilogicpharma.com or call 866-562-8042.

At-Home Preventive Dental Care For Dogs

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Milk-Bone has introduced Milk-Bone Brushing Chews, which have been proven to be as effective for tartar reduction and halitosis as brushing a dog’s teeth twice per week. These chews have earned the Veterinary Oral Health Council’s (VOHC) Seal of Acceptance for retarding calculus accumulation. The novel twist design and combination of ingredients work to prolong chew time, increasing abrasion and cleaning action. The chews are designed to be used as an at-home adjunct to annual veterinary examinations and periodic dental cleanings. For more information, visit MilkBone.com.

Rewards Program

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Vets First Choice, the nation’s largest online veterinary partner pharmacy, announced a new nationwide rewards program for online veterinary purchases, available free to all veterinary clients. Paw Rewards helps veterinarians improve client compliance and loyalty, engages pet owners in their services, and rewards medication adherence. Pet owners earn points on purchases made at a veterinarian’s online store. These points can be applied at the time of checkout and combined with coupon codes, instant savings offers, and mail-in rebates. For more information, visit vetsfirstchoice.com.

Nutritional Supplement For Liver Support

Sogeval Laboratories introduces SAMeLQ 225 Snap Tablets, a nutritional supplement for liver support in dogs and cats. This supplement is made with S-adenosyl methionine (SAMe), an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic used in animals and humans, and glycyrrhizinate ammonium (licorice root), which has been clinically shown to prevent damage to liver cells and promote liver regeneration. For more information, visit sogevalus.com.

Chew for Dogs Kills Fleas and Ticks

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Merial has introduced NexGard (afoxolaner) Chewables, the first and only soft, beef-flavored chew for dogs that kills fleas and the American dog tick (Dermacentor variabilis). NexGard combines a novel active ingredient with an innovative form, providing protection that kills fleas before they can lay eggs and continues to kill new fleas all month long. It is approved to treat and prevent flea infestations, kill adult fleas, and treat and control the American dog tick for one month; it can be used in puppies 8 weeks or older, weighing more than 4 pounds. NexGard is available in the United States by prescription only. To learn more, visit NexGardForDogs.com.

Managing Stress-Related Behavior

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Zylkene is a veterinary nutraceutical for management of stress-related behaviors. It is formulated with alpha-casozepine, a lactose-free milk protein with calming properties. Zylkene is indicated for short-term situational stress or for long-term chronic anxiety in pets. This product is sold only through licensed veterinarians. For more information, visit vetoquinolusa.com/zylkene or call 800-267-5707.

Treatment for Itchy Dogs

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Zoetis, Inc, has announced that Apoquel (oclacitinib) is now available to veterinarians in the U.S. for the control of pruritus associated with allergic dermatitis, and the control of atopic dermatitis in dogs at least 12 months of age. Clinical studies have shown that Apoquel provides rapid relief from itching and improves inflammation in dogs that suffer from allergies, without many of the side effects associated with steroids. In a trial of dogs with allergic dermatitis, Apoquel produced rapid onset of efficacy within 24 hours. In a trial of dogs with atopic dermatitis, dogs treated with Apoquel experienced a significant and long-term reduction in itch and inflammation at day 28 of the study. For more information, visit apoquel.com.

Three-Way Wound Care

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VetzLife has introduced a plant-based oil wound care product for treatment of scratches, ringworm, minor cuts, and abrasions. VetzLife Wound Care, a topical treatment, is antifungal, antibacterial, and antiparasitic. For more information, please visit vetzlife.com.