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Top to Top Builds Partnerships Between Veterinarians and Shelters5_catalyst May 2012--The CATalyst Council, comprised of animal health and welfare organizations working on behalf of cats, recently met with 22 animal health and welfare industry leaders to discuss ways to help communities establish partnerships between veterinarians and shelters through an initiative called Top to Top. "We've noticed that in communities where there are strong relationships between shelters and veterinarians, animals fare better than in places where the relationship is not as strong," says Dr. Jane Brunt, CATalyst Council's Executive Director. Communities that participate in the pilot program will be tracked so that success can be measured and validated. "We're looking for a way to substantiate the program through metrics that, we feel confident, will show that not only do veterinarians gain more clients but, more importantly, that euthanasia rates go down for the shelters in the communities that participate," adds Dr. Alexis Nahama, Chair of the CATalyst Council Board. For more information, visit catalystcouncil.org/resources/top_to_top.


NAVTA Annual Conference and Scholarshiplogo.navt July 2012--The 2012 National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) Conference, sponsored by Hill's Pet Nutrition, will take place November 16 to 18, 2012, in Washington, DC. The conference is open to members of the veterinary health care team, students, and industry alliances. The objective of the conference is to provide valuable insight for personal and professional development. Twenty scholarships of $250 each are available to NAVTA members in good standing. Write an essay of 500 words or less discussing why you want to attend the conference. Full scholarships will also be offered to six student leaders based on their submitted essays. Submit your 500-word essay when you register online at navta.net/events/navta-annual-conference.

Educational Opportunities

New Dates Announced for Heartworm University July 2012--The American Heartworm Society (AHS) has added two Heartworm University sessions to the 2012 calendar. Entitled "A–Z Learning in Only 1 Day: Antigens to Zoonosis," the series of presentations will take place August 16 in Phoenix, Arizona (during the Arizona Veterinary Medical Association Meeting), and October 7 in Louisville, Kentucky (during the Mid-American Veterinary Conference). The day-long sessions, which are free for registered meeting attendees, will focus on the recently updated heartworm guidelines as well as the latest information on diagnostics, treatment protocols, and lack of efficacy. "Despite everything veterinarians know about heartworm disease, there's much to learn," said AHS President Wallace Graham, DVM. "Heartworm University is designed to keep veterinarians abreast of trends as well as new AHS guidelines and guidance on the changing scientific landscape."

New Product

Bleed-X Hemostat to Serve Veterinary Surgical Market12_Bleed-X Vet packaging May 2012--Bleed-X Vet Clotting Powder (bleed-x.com) is formulated to meet the needs of surgeons and critical care providers in veterinary medicine. Patented Microporous Polysaccharide Hemosphere (MPH) technology by Medafor, Inc (meda for.com) is combined with micronized fibrils of resorbable oxidized cellulose to enhance clot strength and bactericidal properties. The sterilized micro-beads rapidly dehydrate blood, accelerating the natural clotting process. Josh Waldman, CEO of Bleed-X, LLC, commented, "Bleed-X meets the needs of veterinarians searching for a simple and safe product that can be left inside the body to control problem bleeding in a wide variety of surgical procedures." Bleed-X Vet Clotting Powder is available at bleed-x.com in single and ten packs. For more information contact Josh Waldman at [email protected].

Label Update

Use of Antiemetic to Include Cats and Younger Puppies May 2012--Pfizer Animal Health announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a label update for Cerenia (maropitant citrate, cerenia.pfizer.com), the only FDA-approved veterinary antiemetic medication. Cerenia Injectable Solution is now approved for treatment of vomiting in cats 16 weeks and older. For both the injectable solution and tablets, the update lowers the recommended age of use in dogs from 16 weeks to 8 weeks for prevention and treatment of acute vomiting.

Surveys and Studies

U.S. Consumers Expect Businesses to Engage in Social Networking 1and1 web site July 2012--American consumers now expect to find and follow businesses on the Internet beyond their corporate website, according to research released by 1&1 Internet, Inc (1and1.com), a global leader among web hosts. A survey of 468 U.S. consumers1 showed 78% of respondents require businesses to be active in social media for brand recognition on the Web. Social media platforms are gaining respect from consumers as a way of engaging with businesses in addition to their websites. In fact, 89% of the consumers surveyed said consistent branding online should be high on a company's priority list. Two-thirds of consumers (67%) ranked Facebook and Twitter as the top social networks for their engagement with online brands, while 46% considered multimedia platforms like YouTube, blogs and forums to be effective in generating online branding. Oliver Mauss, CEO of 1&1 Internet, Inc, encourages businesses to understand the value of maintaining a web presence to support their brand or initiative. He comments, "A website and social media presence delivers business owners and entrepreneurs the opportunity to reach a broader audience that otherwise may go untouched. It's an essential aspect of marketing in a society that bestows trust and worth into what they can access online." 1&1 offers high-quality web solutions, including 1&1 MyWebsite, a website solution for customers looking to take their first steps with online branding. Customized for over 200 business sectors, including veterinarians, the tool is a professional and user-friendly resource for getting online. 1&1 MyWebsite makes it easy to embed YouTube videos and links to sites like Facebook and Twitter. Online marketing, search marketing, design, content, and management features are all tailored to help veterinarians build and maintain a website. 1. Survey conducted by WIRED magazine on behalf of 1&1 Internet Inc, with 468 U.S. adult participants.
New Studies Support Use of Novifit Tablets for Cognitive DysfunctionVirbac_logo May 2012--Results from a combination of new research studies of aged dogs and cats, conducted by CanCog Technologies, Inc, suggest Virbac Animal Health's (virbacvet.com) NOVIFIT (NoviSAMe) Tablets can diminish the effects of age-related cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS) in senior dogs and cats. NOVIFIT Tablets contain S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe), a molecule naturally present in the body. A SAMe deficiency has been found in humans with Alzheimer's disease. The results suggest that NOVIFIT tablets improve executive function—cognitive processes, such as attention, problem solving, and working memory—in both dogs and cats, but has no effect on either short- or long-term memory based on the dose and treatment duration used in the current study. "NOVIFIT (NoviSAMEe) Tablets Improve Executive Function in Aged Dogs and Cats: Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome" was presented at the 6th Annual Canadian Conference on Dementia (October 2011). Research results are published in the International Journal of Applied Research available at jarvm.com/articles/Vol10Iss1/Lobprise.pdf.

Client Resource

New Purina Smartphone App Helps Keep Pet Health in Check May 2012--A new application from Nestlé Purina PetCare allows clients to keep their pets' pertinent health data at their fingertips. Veterinary appointments, a reminder to visit the groomer, the location of the nearest emergency pet hospital—all can be entered for easy mobile access. Available for download from both iTunes and Android Market Play Store as well as from walmart.com/Purina, the free Purina Pet Health Smartphone App also lets pet owners enter specific pet health information.

New Product

Merck Animal Health Announces Activyl and Activyl Tick PlusDRAFT Go Forward Release (00299614-2).DOC June 2012--Merck Animal Health announced the U.S. release of Activyl and Activyl TickPlus. The topical, once-a-month treatments are the first to use bioactivation to kill fleas. The ectoparasiticide contains indoxacarb, which is unique to animal health and has no known resistance in fleas. Activyl, for dogs and cats, not only kills adult fleas, but also disrupts the flea's life cycle by inhibiting the development of flea larvae. Activyl TickPlus, only for dogs, controls both fleas and ticks, containing permethrin, an acaricide with proven efficacy against ticks. The products will be only available through licensed veterinarians. For more information visit merck-animal-health-usa.com.
First Three-Day Oral NSAID Approved for Cats June 2012--Novartis Animal Health US, Inc has launched Onsior (robenacoxib), the first three-day NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) for relief of pain and inflammation associated with orthopedic surgery, ovariohysterectomy, and castration in cats. In U.S. field studies, over 80% of cats did not need rescue therapy, demonstrating the effectiveness of Onsior tablets. Onsior is quickly eliminated from the blood, while persisting longer at the site of inflamed tissue, as demonstrated in a tissue cage model (clinical significance unknown). The tissue selectivity characteristic of Onisor allows for 24 hours of pain relief with once-a-day administration for up to three days. For complete details regarding indications, refer to the Onsior Summary of Product Characteristics, available at us.onsior.com.

Client Resource

CareCredit Mobile Site for Owners and App for PracticesItem6_CareCreditLogo June 2012--CareCredit continues to make care possible with mobile-optimized technology and features that give pet owners convenient ways to learn about and apply for CareCredit's health care credit card on their smartphone or the practice's iPad or tablet device. The smartphone-optimized website (carecredit.com) and app (carecredit.com/provider/tablet) put CareCredit information and key website functions at pet owners' fingertips. With the app, a practice-owned iPad or other tablet device can be used by clients while they are in the veterinarian's office to learn about CareCredit, view monthly payment options and amounts, and apply on their own. "Our goal was to provide additional convenience for mobile device users," said David Fasoli, CEO and President, CareCredit.
ImproMed Software Releases Latest Version of Advantage+Microsoft Word - 14_ImproMed Releases Advantage+ Update.docx June 2012--ImproMed, LLC (impromed.com), a subsidiary of Butler Schein Animal Health, has released Advantage+ v30.355 Standard and Equine software packages for veterinary practices. This version focuses on inventory management and laboratory equipment communication, including online help features, greatly reducing time spent on order processing and increasing accuracy with automatic pricing updates. In addition, Advantage+ users now have the ImproMed Universal Lab Reader, a new feature that provides a communication link between in-house laboratory equipment and reference laboratories, with a direct import to patients' medical records. To download supporting documentation, Advantage+ users can visit the ImproMed Community Access Network (iCAN) at impromed.com/ican.

Educational Opportunities

International Veterinary Senior Care Society's First Lecture Series20_IVSCS May 2012--The International Veterinary Senior Care Society (IVSCS) is pleased to announce its first collaboration for lecture presentations, to be held in conjunction with the 2nd Annual CanCog Conference on Behavior, Cognition and Aging in Companion Animals. The conference will be held August 16 to 17, 2012, in Toronto, Canada. Specific lectures by IVSCS speakers will be presented the morning of Friday, August 17, including Dr. Dave Bruyette (The Value of Senior Wellness Testing), Dr. Susan Little (Senior Cats—Evaluating Weight Loss), and Dr. Heidi Lobprise (Teeth Get Old, Too!). Additional information on the conference, including other CanCog presentations, can be found at www.canineconference.com.


Heartworm Prevention Significantly IncreasesMerial 121212 May 2012--Merial announced first quarter growth in the number of doses of heartworm preventives delivered to dog owners in the U.S., a positive sign as the veterinary industry rallies to increase year-round heartworm protection. According to Market Dynamics, Inc, which shares statistics for all veterinary products sold, 12% more doses of heartworm preventives have been provided by veterinarians in the first three months of 2012 than in the corresponding period in 2011. More than 5700 individual veterinary professionals and 3100 veterinary clinics nationwide have joined the 12.12.12 Campaign since it was launched by Merial in January, taking part in the initiative to increase the number of dogs receiving monthly doses of heartworm preventive. Participants in the 12.12.12 Campaign receive monthly support from Merial that includes staff training materials, tips on how to effectively advocate for year-round heartworm disease prevention with clients, incentives for pet owners, and access to information and tools to measure overall clinic progress. To learn more about 12.12.12 and take the pledge, visit join121212.com.