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The Latest News in Veterinary Medicine

The Latest News in Veterinary Medicine


1_iStock_000014781780XSmallNational Pet ID Week

April 14 through 20 is National Pet ID Week, which provides the perfect opportunity for practices to emphasize the importance of pet identification to clients. In addition to identification tags on collars, microchips offer a permanent identification solution. Remind owners, however, that just implanting the microchip is not enough—they need to make sure their petsare registered and contact information keep up to date with the microchip manufacturer. The AAHA’s website, HealthyPet.com, addresses 8 common myths about microchipping at healthypet.com/petcare/petcarearticle.aspx?title=microchipping.

2_Zoetis_logoPfizer Animal Health Becomes Zoetis

Pfizer, Inc, sold its former animal health business unit and is now a standalone company named Zoetis (zoetis.com), which began trading on the New York Stock Exchange in February. “With the Zoetis initial public offering, we are creating the largest standalone company fully devoted to animal health medicines and vaccines. For Pfizer, we are better positioned to focus on our core business as an innovative biopharmaceutical company.” said Ian Read, Chairman and Chief Executive officer of Pfizer.

AAH_FLU-346-R1_VetStarchSS250mL_VPN.inddCanine Cancer Treatments in Development

Abbott Animal Health (abbott.com) has expanded its veterinary oncology pipeline through an exclusive agreement with Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB. The agreement grants Abbott global distribution rights to Paccal Vet and Doxophos Vet, two human-grade cancer treatments in development for use in dogs. Paccal Vet and Doxophos Vet are novel formulations containing paclitaxel, a frequently used chemotherapeutic agent, and doxorubicin, a common anticancer medication in human and veterinary oncology, respectively. “We are pleased that this agreement will allow us to potentially introduce new [canine] cancer treatment options not only in North America but throughout the world,” said Andrea Wainer, divisional vice president and general manager, Abbott Animal Health.

4_oratene groupNew Name for Brushless Oral Care

PKB Animal Health, Inc (petkingbrands.com), has announced that their Biotene Veterinarian Brushless Oral Care line for pets has changed its brand name to Oratene Veterinarian Brushless Oral Care. These brushless products reduce odor-causing bacteria and dissolve plaque biofilm, which is accomplished through a patented enzyme system. The Oratene line includes a maintenance oral gel, breath freshener spray, drinking water additive, and antiseptic oral gel; all are safe for dogs and cats and available exclusively through veterinarians.

5_VCA WLA Exterior hi resVCA West Los Angeles Opens New Hospital

Early this year, VCA West Los Angeles (vcahospitals.com/west-los-angeles) opened its newly-constructed, 42,000 square feet animal hospital, making it the largest small animal hospital in the western United States. The new hospital features state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment features, including a linear accelerator room for cancer patients, MRI and CT imaging, physical therapy center, bone marrow transplant technology, pituitary tumor surgery facilities, and cutting edge surgical suites. The hospital is staffed by board-certified specialists in all areas of veterinary medicine. “We’re excited to bring this level of veterinarian services to the pet owners and referring veterinarians of West Los Angeles and surroundings areas,” said Dr. David Bruyette, VCA West Los Angeles’ Medical Director.

Practice Management Software Summit

ImproMed, LLC (impromed.com), and McAllister Software Systems, LLC (avimark.net), are hosting a 3-day Veterinary Technology Summit in St. Louis, September 18 through 20, 2013. The goal of the Summit is to bring together practice management software users in order for them to gain useful insight from each other and form connections within the industry. Attendees will receive hands-on training for the AVImark and ImproMed veterinary software solutions, have the opportunity to earn RACE-approved CE credit, and be able to browse vendor partner booths. Learn more and register at vetsummit.com.

CEFPO_1pager_detail3Generic Cefpodoxime Proxetil Introduced

Putney (putneyvet.com) has introduced its generic form of cefpodoxime proxetil tablets, which are FDA-approved for veterinary use and available in 100- and 200-mg tablets in 100-count bottles. Currently, only 6% of FDA-approved brand name pet medications have a generic equivalent compared to more than 80% of human generic prescription drugs. Putney is specializing in developing high-quality, generic medications for pets with carprofen caplets and ketamine HCl for injection C-III available as well. Additional information is available on the company’s website.

news oncologyCanine Oncology Therapy

Bioniche Life Sciences, Inc, a research-based Canadian biopharmaceutical company, introduced Immunocidin canine oncology therapy to the North American market. Immunocidin is an immunotherapy for the intratumoral treatment of mixed mammary tumor and mammary adenocarcinoma in dogs. Mycobacteria have been known for many years to have antitumor activity. Immunocidin is an emulsion of mycobacterial cell wall fractions that have been modified to reduce their toxic and allergic effect but retain their anti-tumor activity. Immunocidin stimulates the activation of macrophages and thymic lymphocytes, which destroy tumor cells. According to Andrew Grant, President, Bioniche Animal Health, “We believe there is a tremendous opportunity for a product like Immunocidin that does not require special handling and can be used by veterinarians in their own clinics, either alone or in combination with other therapies.” For more information, call 888-549-4503 in the U.S. or visit bionicheanimalhealth.com.

Two New Dermatology Products

Dechra Veterinary Products (dechra-us.com) has added two new products to their veterinary dermatology line—EpiTreats Healthy Canine Snacks and Gentacalm Topical Spray. EpiTreats Snacks contain a hydrolyzed protein and single carbohydrate source and can be used as a reward and treat for dogs, including those with skin sensitivities, of all ages. Gentacalm Spray is used for the treatment of dogs with infected superficial lesions caused by bacteria susceptible to the broad-spectrum antibiotic gentamicin. Its other ingredient, betamethasone valerate, provides anti-inflammatory and antipruritic activity. Read more about these products on the company’s website.

8_TrupanionLogoSimplified Insurance for Practitioners & Pet Owners

Trupanion (trupanion.com), which owns and is underwritten by the American Pet Insurance Company, has launched Trupanion Express, a new desktop application that can be installed and viewed on practice computers in 15 minutes, and is compatible with all veterinary practice management systems. “Trupanion Express enables Trupanion to pay claims at the time of invoicing and pay veterinarians directly, so clients do not have to come up with hard-earned money up front.” said Howard Robin, Chief Operating Officer. In addition, there are no transaction fees, no administration costs, and no other costs to veterinarians and their clients associated with use of the software. For further information, call 800-569-7913 or visit the company’s website.

9_AlphaTech_odorpetOrganic Odor Control & Cleaner

Alpha Tech Pet, Inc (alphatechpet.com), has introduced OdorPet, an organic, biodegradable odor counteractant and cleaner with a near neutral pH. Its bioactive formulation of stabilized bacterial spores produces enzymes that break down immediately and over time in the presence of organic animal debris, reducing it to a solution of carbon dioxide and water. This product can be used on carpeting, furniture, pet bedding, carriers, indoor and outdoor surfaces, and litter boxes, and is available in concentrated or ready-to-use formulations. OdorPet can be ordered directly from the Alpha Tech Pet website.

10_AAFP Logo Black_HiResFeline Environmental Guidelines Available

The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP, catvets.com) and International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM, isfm.net) have released the Environmental Needs Guidelines, which have been published in the March issue of the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery. The Guidelines address the needs of pet cats in any environment, including home, veterinary hospital, and shelter. By incorporating these recommendations, veterinarians and cat owners can help reduce unwanted behavior, illness and feline stress, and improve relationships with the cats in their practices and lives. To view the Environmental Needs Guidelines, visit catvets.com/guidelines.

Veterinary Products Catalog

Animal Health International’s Spring 2013 Veterinary Products Catalog is now available online at animalhealthinternational.com/VetGuide2/2013VetGuide.html. The catalog offers a selection of products from hundreds of key manufacturing partners ranging from equipment and vaccines to surgical supplies and pharmaceuticals, providing choices to best fit the needs of the veterinary practice.

news excellence

Left to right: Natasha Ashton, Dr. Natalie Marks, Kim Franck; Suzanne Cross, and Chris Ashton

2013 Veterinary Excellence Awards

Petplan Pet Insurance (gopetplan.com) awarded the 2013 Veterinary Excellence Awards on February 17 in Las Vegas. The winners, chosen from 2200 nominations, were: Veterinarian of the Year: Dr. Natalie Marks, Blum Animal Hospital, Chicago, IL; Practice Manager of the Year: Suzanne Cross, Brighton-Eggert Animal Clinic, Tonawanda, NY; and Veterinary Technician of the Year: Kim Franck, Adamstown Veterinary Hospital, Denver, PA. Each recipient received $1000 to donate to the animal charity of her choice and has been invited to participate in judging for the 2014 awards.

WVC_final_larger5%Excellent Experiences at WVC

Nearly 14,500 attendees, including 6000 veterinarians, 1500 veterinary technicians and practice managers, 500 veterinary and technician students, and 3500 exhibitors, participated in the “Dr. Jack Walther” 85th Annual Western Veterinary Conference (WVC, wvc.org), February 17 to 21, 2013, in Las Vegas. More than 87% of attendees surveyed rated their overall experience as “excellent” or “very good,” and about 90% gave the same ratings for the quality and professionalism of the scientific sessions. This year’s conference name honored WVC Clinical Proficiency Coordinator, Dr. Jack Walther, a conference attendee for over 4 decades who has been a driving force behind WVC’s success and a leader in the area of student scholarships.

Radiology Summit for ACVIM Members

The American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM, acvim.org) and Infiniti Medical, LLC (infinitimedical.com), are offering the Veterinary Interventional Radiology Summit at the Oquendo Center for Clinical Education in Las Vegas. This 8-hour practicum for ACVIM members combines “how to” lectures and laboratory training in vascular and nonvascular image-guided procedures. The first course was held March 8; two additional courses will be offered on June 29 and November 2, 2013. For more information and to register, visit the ACVIM’s website, contact Infiniti Medical at 650-327-5000, or email [email protected]