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Today's Veterinary News

Today’s Veterinary News

Today’s Veterinary News


i15VET Blood Gas & Chemistry Analyzer

EDAN Diagnostics presents the i15VET Blood Gas and Chemistry Analyzer, a lightweight (8 lbs) and portable (9″x6″x12″) device that allows veterinary staff to diagnose at the point of care and analyzes up to 50 samples on a charged battery. Staff can enter patient information on a 7-inch touchscreen, and within 60 seconds, they are able to run samples; then save, transmit, and print triple-guaranteed results. The i15Vet requires no maintenance and has easy-to-handle sample cartridges stored at room temperature, built-in tutorial videos, and auto-sampling techniques that reduce the risk of contamination. The current menu includes pH, pCO2, pO2, sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, hematocrit, glucose, and lactate. For more information, visit edandiagnostics.com.

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Sono-Wipes Available for Veterinary Market

Advanced Ultrasound Electronics recently announced the availability of Sono-Wipes, a 1-step disinfectant deodorizer wipe designed specifically for ultrasound equipment. The wipes, which can be handled without gloves, offer a convenient way to clean, disinfect, and sanitize transducers and portable and cart-based ultrasound machines. They are proven effective against H3N2, HSN1, canine distemper virus, Newcastle’s disease virus, pseudorabies virus, and feline calcivirus. Sono-Wipes come in 50-count packs of nonabrasive, nondamaging, large (7″x11″) moist wipes, and the packs have Ultra Stick technology to keep them fixed to equipment for convenient use. To order, visit auetulsa.com.


Trupanion Offers ABCs of Pet Insurance

Trupanion has created the ABCs of Pet Insurance, a simple tool designed to help pet owners navigate pet medical insurance that offers tips on what they need to know when choosing a provider. Medical insurance for pets is rising in popularity and becoming an essential part of responsible pet ownership, but with so many different types of insurance, companies, policy options, and add-ons, choosing the best policy can overwhelm pet owners. This simple guide outlines key factors to consider when deciding whether medical insurance is right for a pet, including age, breed, coverage, deductible, pre-existing conditions, and flexibility. For more details, visit trupanion.com/blog/2014/08/abcs-pet-insurance.

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New Social Network Helps Owners Keep Pets Safe

PetzInfo.com is a new social network that allows pet owners to store all of their pets’ information in a secure manner and gives them tools to keep their pets safe. In addition to providing pet owners the opportunity to share photos, stories, and videos of their pets and connect with other pet owners, the website features Petz Alerts and Petz Records tools, which allow owners to store their pets’ records and set alerts for their pets’ needs online, making this information accessible to the pet owner anytime from any computer, smartphone, or tablet device. Learn more at petzinfo.com.


Vetrinox Surface Disinfectant Now Available

Vetrinox is a new EPA registered and approved hospital/veterinarian-grade surface disinfectant. It provides fast and effective means of killing super bugs, such as parvovirus, bordetella, and distemper, with a nonantibiotic resistance feature that works against multiple other bacteria, viruses, and common pathogens. Versatile applicators allow for ease of application in any area of a clinic, and Vetrinox introduces multiple spray-on formulas that do not require rinsing. It contains no ingredients dangerous to the environment, animals, or the people that apply the solution, and it is an effective and economical option for surface treatments in clinic examination rooms, waiting rooms, kennel areas, treatment areas, and boarding/holding areas. See vetrinox.com for more information.


New Smart Tech Collars Continuously Monitor Pets’ Health

The PetPace pet health monitor helps veterinarians and pet owners continuously monitor their pets’ vital signs and activity and sends alerts when there is cause for concern, either in the clinic or at a pet’s home. The wireless smart collar can also facilitate early detection of diseases and behavioral problems. The collar is offered in 2 versions: the veterinary professional version and the pet owner version. The Pro version allows animal health professionals to provide intensive wireless monitoring of multiple pets simultaneously; to receive immediate alerts to a centralized control center or directly onto their mobile devices; and to run sophisticated analytics on a massive knowledge base. Visit petpace.com for more information.


Eicosa3FF SnipCaps Omega-3 Fatty Acid Capsules Available Now

Dechra Veterinary Products has introduced Eicosa3FF SnipCaps omega-3 fatty acid capsules. The capsules provide a concentrated source of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids in the free fatty acid form in a convenient-to-use SnipCap. Eicosa3FF SnipCaps will be available in 2 strengths, each provided in 60- and 120-count bottles, and deliver approximately 180 mg EPA per 10 pounds and 120 mg DHA per 10 pounds. The highly concentrated free fatty acid presentation allows for efficient dosing with a lower risk for digestive upset. For more information, visit dechra-us.com.

Companion Animal Parasite Council Modifies Heartworm Guidelines

The Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) has modified its heartworm guidelines to include the recommendation that veterinarians perform yearly microfilariae tests on all dogs, including those on heartworm prevention medication. This is in addition to the current recommendation that all dogs receive an annual antigen test. CAPC also recommends that veterinarians consider testing all dogs living in areas with a higher risk for exposure to heartworm twice a year. The update is based on information presented at the 2014 American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists Conference, which reported that some dogs appear to develop immune complexes that block antigen detection with commercial tests. For more information concerning these updated guidelines, visit capcvet.org.


SonoPath.com Launches Mobile App for Veterinarians

SonoPath.com recently announced immediate availability of their mobile app for veterinarians and technicians. They can use their smartphones to access SonoPath’s comprehensive database of clinical ultrasound findings, compare their ultrasound images, and receive peer to peer feedback on cases they have uploaded. The SonoPath.com mobile app can be downloaded for free on iTunes or Google store by searching “Sonopath” on the search bar. Customers must register at sonopath.com to access the site through the mobile app.