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The Latest News in Veterinary Medicine

The Latest News in Veterinary Medicine


Ophthalmic Ointments for Dogs and Cats—Available Again

Dechra VeterinaryDechra Vetropolycin product Products announces the return of Vetropolycin and Vetropolycin HC, the only FDA-CVM approved topical antibiotic ophthalmic ointments for use in dogs and cats. Dechra is committed to providing a consistent supply of high-quality, cost-effective, approved ophthalmic ointments to veterinarians and their patients, while providing excellent technical support. Vetropolycin (bacitracin-neomycin-polymyxin) is for the treatment of superficial bacterial infections of the eyelid and conjunctiva in dogs and cats. Vetropolycin HC (bacitracin-neomycin-polymyxin-hydrocortisone acetate 1%) is for the treatment of acute or chronic conjunctivitis. Hydrocortisone acetate exerts anti-inflammatory action at the tissue level and suppresses inflammation in many disorders of the anterior segment of the eye. Local application to the eye often gives rapid relief of pain and photophobia, particularly in lesions of the cornea. In both products, sensitivity to the ointment and development of resistant strains of bacteria are rare. Next, look for approval for Dechra’s remaining veterinary ophthalmic ointments—Vetrogen (gentamicin sulfate) and Vetrachlorcin (chloramphenicol 1%). For more information visit dechra-us.com.

Black-Legged (Deer) Ticks and Lone Star Ticks Beware

xng220692_8.125x10.875_rsg.inddNexGard (afoxolaner) Chewables for dogs, just introduced by Merial late in 2013 for treatment and prevention of fleas and American dog ticks, is now approved for use against 2 additional species of ticks—the black-legged (deer) tick and the lone star tick. Laboratory and field studies have shown NexGard to be safe and highly effective for the treatment and control of these pests for 1 month. NexGard is available in the U.S. by prescription only for use in dogs and puppies 8 weeks of age or older, weighing more than 4 pounds. It is a vegetable-based, meatless chew that may be a suitable option for dogs with beef allergies. For more information visit nexgardfordogs.com.

http://www.avmf.org/graphics/design/logo_avmf_50.gif Zoetis logo NewsScholarships for 452 Veterinary Students Total $904,000

Zoetis teams with the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) to award $2,000 scholarships to 2nd- and 3rd-year veterinary students enrolled at accredited universities throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean. Since its inception 4 years ago, more than $3.6 million has been awarded to more than 1,100 students, helping to offset the significant costs veterinary students face. The scholarship program is part of Zoetis’ “Commitment to Veterinarians” platform, a broad-based initiative that seeks to advance the veterinary profession, through professional development and philanthropic programs. The application period runs from October 1 through the Sunday after Thanksgiving every year; award distributions are made the following April. Zoetis has partnered with the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC), who will administer the program. For more information visit zoetis.com, aavmc.org, or avmf.org.

AAHA logo Data Reveals Pet-Pet Owner Bond as the Key Driver of Hospital Success

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) in collaboration with IDEXX Laboratories commissioned a comprehensive survey of veterinary practices for the AAHA 2014 State of the Industry Report. The data reveals it’s not the economy that drives the success or failure of veterinary practices; it’s the relationship between a pet owner and their pet that truly drives success. The survey showed that hospitals with the highest growth shared a focus on the pet-pet owner bond, while 67% of hospitals that consistently outgrew revenue at more than 10% (known as Consistent Outgrowers) identified the pet-pet owner bond as “very important” to the success of their practice. The full results of the survey will be released in a white paper, available later this year. To obtain a fact sheet on the data please contact AAHA Communications Manager Kate Spencer. For more information visit aaha.org.