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Understanding the Cat and Creating a Cat-Friendly Practice

A bad veterinary experience can negatively impact a cat’s welfare both short-term and long-term. Reducing your practice's feline stressors can lead to more relaxed cats, happier clients, and increased job satisfaction and safety.

Want to be a cat-friendly practice? Measures can be taken to prevent environmental and handling stressors, resulting in improved patient experiences, client acceptance of veterinary services and reduced injury rates to veterinary professionals.

Providing Supplemental Oxygen to Patients

Supplementing oxygen reliably and safely is a vital part of veterinary medicine. The specific techniques used depend on the situation at hand, as well as the equipment available.

Supplementing oxygen reliably and safely is a vital and potentially life-saving intervention in small animal medicine. The specific techniques used depend on the situation at hand, as well as the equipment available. An awareness of several techniques is clinically helpful.

asthma in cats therapy and management

Asthma in Cats: Acute and Long-Term Management Guidelines

Allergic asthma in cats is an inflammatory airway condition that often requires multimodal therapy.

Management of the acute and the chronic asthmatic feline patient must be addressed using a multi-modal, anti-inflammatory approach. In acute exacerbations, feline asthma can be life-threatening and require emergent management.

Understanding Data on Hormones, Behavior, and Neoplasia

The ASPCA estimates that roughly 7.6 million animals enter shelters in the United States each year, a large proportion of which are euthanized. Given this staggering number, decreasing the number of births through spaying and neutering seems like a straightforward decision; however, it is not that simple. New research has brought to light potential downsides to spaying and neutering that should be considered.

congestive heart failure in dogs treatment

Congestive Heart Failure in Dogs

With a logical treatment approach, congestive heart failure in dogs can be controlled for many months with a good quality of life in most patients.

Congestive heart failure in dogs is a syndrome that can be addressed through acute of chronic treatment. Learn more about the treatment and survival rate for dogs with congestive heart failure.

Acute Glaucoma: A True Emergency

Examining the causes, clinical signs, and therapy for acute glaucoma in dogs.

Clinical signs of canine glaucoma are traditionally divided into acute and chronic, but in most cases, most dogs present with an acute attack of glaucoma, including congestion, edema, fixed dilated pupils, and loss of sight.

Ultrasonography of the Gastrointestinal Tract: Ileum, Cecum, Colon

Welcome to our series of articles on small animal abdominal ultrasonography. The initial articles provided an overview of basic ultrasonography principles and a discussion about how to perform a systematic scan of the abdomen. The rest of the series discusses ultrasound evaluation of specific abdominal organs/systems.   LOCALIZATION AND SCANNING TECHNIQUE Dogs and cats are …